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BWM Is A Creative, Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency In South Florida

We help B2C service businesses & eCommerce stores utilize the power of digital to scale their businesses with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

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West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Strategy

Our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing agency wants to help you increase your business’s visibility online. We excel at helping our clients because of the people who make up our team. Whether we’re helping you with content marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, video advertising, website, or email marketing, we only work on things that generate a real return for your business. Our team is constantly learning, searching for the next big ideas, and never resting on what’s been done in the past. We seek out creativity and innovation.

We partner with companies to create omnichannel marketing strategies that drive traffic, engage customers, and grow revenue. As your partner, we help you leverage the power of data to prove your return on investment. BWM does this by delivering digital marketing solutions that grow your business.

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West Palm Beach Digital
Marketing Options

Pay Per Click Ads

Google Ads reach is massive and not to be ignored. Our goal is to drive qualified traffic to your website based on predetermined keywords for your industry.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides tremendous opportunity to launch strategic remarketing campaigns and video ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a value resource that allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action for eCommerce & Lead-Gen businesses.

Search Engine

Display ads can help you promote your business when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.


Bid on products and keywords. It shows attractive and highly-controllable images of your products to customers ready to buy.


Facebook is a value resource that allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action for eCommerce & Lead-Gen businesses.

Complete West Palm Beach B2C Digital Marketing

BWM is a leading SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Content agency in West Palm Beach. Our experience, expertise, data and insights lead us to create innovative digital marketing solutions to accomplish your marketing and business goals – in good times and rough times.

Digital marketing strategies that leverage social media, paid search, & search engine optimization allow brands to reach and foster growth with their target audience like never before. Our goal is to help your business grow by utilizing various digital marketing platforms to create a digital media mix to drive the most efficient and effective strategy for your business goals.

Throughout our history, business owners in West Palm Beach, FL & South Florida have relied on our services to deliver results. As a full service digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach, we create custom strategies for eCommerce stores & B2C service businesses to help your business create an online presence capable of attracting local leads.

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Digital Marketing Success Through Targeting & Data

Your internet marketing message should be an extension of your brand and work towards meeting specific KPIs. Through our unique approach to content, SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing, we’re able to test, learn & optimize various marketing strategies for your business.

Our digital marketing services combine insights and innovation to determine the most successful avenue to grow your business. Digital marketing gives your business the opportunity to reach new and targeted audiences, with the ability to create a lasting impression that can turn a normal consumer into a brand advocate.

Identify Your Goals

Every company’s goals are different, and we understand this. As a leading Digital Marketing company, we focus on your goals by analyzing the data and identifying your business KPI’s that you need to grow. Contact us today to schedule a marketing consultation with us to see how we can start growing your business together.

To be successful with digital marketing campaigns, our team needs to create relevant and engaging content, that connect with your potential customers, and provide information that makes it easier to build an audience and turn that audience into customers.

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#1 Assign an Experienced Account Manager & Project Manager To Your Account

Our team at BWM is small but nimble. We are a boutique digital marketing agency located right here in South Florida. Our goal is to be the absolute best at what we do, offering only the best for our clients.

When signing on with BWM, you will be onboarded with a dedicated account manager, and project manager who will walk you through the process of becoming part of the BWM family. 

This detailed process ensures that we’re all meeting expectations, we’re learning about your business, and more importantly, when you reach out to talk or ask questions, you know who will be answering the phone call, slack message, or email. 

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#2 Competitive & Industry Research

We will craft a strategic plan to beat your competitors in the online space. Our goal is to formulate a plan that drives potential customers to your website with SEO, Social Media & Pay Per Click.

With modern consumers expecting consistency across touchpoints, strong, integrated planning is essential to success in today’s connected world.

Our expertise in omnichannel planning focuses on a more holistic, audience, and data-centric approach to media designed to eliminate friction around channel-specific activations. We start with people and behaviors to identify the key drivers across channels then create strategies for engaging the audience at each stage of the customer journey.

  • Competitive and audience insights
  • Media Mix Modeling
  • Share Of Voice Research

West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Services

We work with our clients to develop the optimal mix of data, tools, and other assets needed to identify opportunities, apply insights, and optimize performance in real-time. Our team works diligently to build a comprehensive strategy for combining data, creative, technology, and expertise, as well as creating a balance between human and machine learnings to ensure campaigns are performing as well as possible.

With our roots in SEO & performance media, we pride ourselves on our ability to differentiate and innovate by leveraging unique data and advanced technology. With a focus on increasing revenue by creating engagements that are both inspiring and relevant, our team provides well-rounded solutions that keep your business top of mind and build measurable connections at every stage of the buying journey.


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#3 Campaign Planning

Our team develop customized plans using cutting-edge tactics, tools and strategies to drive proven results for businesses in all industries and of all sizes. 

At BWM, we have mastered both the art and science of driving qualified traffic to increase leads and sales to our client’s websites, with the mission of exceeding marketing goals and a positive return on investment.

We begin our planning by implementing insights from our competitive research to incorporate creative assets, digital media buying, content creation, or link building. The main purpose is first to identify your goals, and build a plan that will achieve those goals.

#4 Monitoring, Analyzing & Reporting

With the ongoing testing, we analyze the results and adjust your campaign to achieve the lowest; most efficient campaign possible.

On a bi-monthly, monthly & quarterly basis, we will provide detailed reporting of your campaign. We want to make sure that our clients aren’t left in the dark about their campaigns.

You will receive custom reports tailored to the KPI’s that we’ve identified during the onboarding phase of our new clients. 

We’ll also hop on a call with you to discuss any changes to the account, changes in your business & to discuss any new specials, products or services that your business is offering in order to ensure that you are always reaching new customers. 

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Increase Leads & Sales

Our team has been working with national & local businesses in West Palm Beach, managing omnichannel digital marketing for years to generate more leads & sales. 

Our team sets you & your team up with a custom reporting dashboard, so that at any time, you have the ability to track your results.

Frequently Asked Questions


The key performance indicators we look at are website traffic and conversions. We will evaluate how much traffic your website is receiving, and how many people actually converted into the desired result.

The amount of traffic each month will vary. It depends on 1) how effective we make your campaign and 2) your advertising budget. The more fuel we have in the tank, the more results we can generate for you.

The amount of conversions will also vary. We will be able to track the amount of conversions from our ads. This will allow us to use performance data of our ad campaigns to make gradual improvements. In consideration of this, we believe your conversion rate will increase over time.

However, it is important to note that there are external factors that impact conversions that we do not control. This includes the price, product quality, website destination, and market you are competing in.

Services & Working Together

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager & project manager. This person will be your main point of contact. In addition, each account manager reports to a Director, who reviews all deliverables before it is sent to you. This is to ensure that you receive quality work and to resolve tough situations.

We will learn your business by sending you a questionnaire. Upon completion, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to discuss the questionnaire and any additional questions may have about your business. After the kickoff call, we will do more research and develop a strategy that is specific to your business.

In the questionnaire, we learn more about your ad preferences. In the strategy we develop for you, it will specify the advertising approach that we will use for your business. If you approve this approach, we will start developing the ads in an ad calendar. You will have an opportunity to review all advertisements in advance before it is published.

Yes, your social media manager will be monitoring your advertising campaigns daily. If ads are not performing well, we will pause them and tweak your campaign.

In addition, your social media manager will be optimizing your campaign as time progress. In most situations, we are running A/B split tests in your ad campaign. This is the process of testing multiple variations of your ads, and the audiences for the ads. By testing different combinations of ads, we are more likely to identify areas of efficiency.

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