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Work with leading creators, talent, and spokespeople to build branded content and winning ads at scale for your next social media campaign. Whether you need content for Instagram Reels, TikTok, video ads, YouTube shorts, or other creative platforms, BlueWaterMarekting can help.

Features and Benefits

Create Engaging User-Generated Content To Drive Sales

User-generated content (UGC) revamps consumer trust in brands by highlighting authenticity. Our UGC agency creates genuine videos that effectively engage and convert audiences.

Access A Team Of World-Class Social Media Creators

We help you streamline your content creation efforts, eliminating the need to search for, hire, and train the perfect creators. Our team is deeply connected to social media trends and excels in engaging audiences. Tap into the talent of the best user-generated content creators.

Expert Management

Our creative team will partner with your marketing team to ensure that all content is optimized to maximize ad performance.

Native UGC Content

Create content that fits seamlessly into each social media platform and reflects your social media goals.


The Numbers Speak Our Success Story

Check out our experience, clientele, and how we do performance-wise.

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How It Work

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Our agency offers customized strategies and services for your brand, including:

Streamlined Migration & Ongoing Support

We’ll handle the entire Klaviyo setup, from configuring your account for optimal performance to seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform. We’ll also create essential lists and segments, giving your email marketing strategy a powerful launchpad.

Comprehensive Audit Of Your Email Marketing

At BlueWaterMarketing, we provide a full audit of your existing SMS and email retention marketing program. We help you review every aspect in detail, including system infrastructure, automation/ flows, strategy, deliverability, content/templates, internal team operational processes, and integrations.mographics.

Data-Driven Email Strategy

Align your email marketing with your business goals. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy, leveraging best practices and data insights. This ensures your email campaigns deliver results, boosting open rates, CTR, and sales.

Klaviyo SMS Marketing

We take care of all your SMS marketing needs. Our team sets up your messaging system so you can connect with customers and boost your brand creatively. Make the most of mobile commerce with BlueWaterMarketing’s smart SMS marketing strategy.

Tech Stack Synergy

Go beyond email! We leverage integrations with Google Ads, Recharge, and more to unlock the full potential of customer retention. Seamlessly connect your email marketing strategy with other marketing channels, sending targeted emails based on customer interactions across your entire ecosystem.

Segmentation & Optimization

Maximize impact with smart segmentation, A/B testing, and real-time optimization. We boost customer lifetime value and ensure emails resonate. Gain valuable insights into performance and continuously refine your approach, ensuring your email marketing remains a powerful growth engine.

Result-Driven Facebook Ads Services

When your business partners with BlueWaterMarketing, you:


Target Audience

We tailor campaigns to match specific groups, interests, and favorite social sites.


Find The Right Influencers

We connect brands with influencers who fit their target audience.


Engaging Content

We make engaging content that gets maximum interaction from influencer followers.


Legal Agreement

We handle legal agreements to ensure everyone knows their rights and what they should do.


Keep Up With Trends

Our UGC Creators always know what’s hot, whether it’s a challenge, dance, or trending TikTok sound.


Track Results

We use tools to provide detailed reports and analytics on your campaign’s performance.


Save Money

Instead of paying based on follower numbers, you get amazing content for less.


Establish KPIs

We ensure campaigns align with your brand’s vision and goals.

User-generated content (UGC) is content – images, videos, reviews, text, etc. – created by users about a brand or product. It boosts engagement and conversions and builds customer trust.
In fact, UGC serves as genuine social proof that your product is worth buying. It is 6.6 times more influential than branded content.

We research your competitors and other similar businesses to determine their best-performing ads. Our team of experts uses that information to craft a plan that fits your business.

We also collaborate with you to decide the best way to advertise for you so you get the most out of your investment.

Social media is crucial for your marketing strategy. However, success depends on the right approach.

At Blue Water Marekting, we'll help you build a one-of-a-kind social strategy tailored to your long-term goals. Our experts will help you define the purpose (such as brand building, differentiation, and education) and devise an action plan to bring this strategy to life.

Absolutely! We understand you want a social media marketing strategy that speaks to your brand's uniqueness. So, we'll team you up with a creator who gets your vibe.

Before we dive in, we'll handpick the top creators we believe will mesh well with you. If, by chance, none of them click, just give us a heads-up, and we'll find someone else.

You can count on Blue Water Marekting to deliver user-generated content you'll be thrilled with.

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