Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO

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Giving your website a major boost in traffic through new advancements in SEO sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? You might be interested to know that schema markup is an SEO concept that can be utilized for doing just that!

The future of on-site SEO lies in schema markup which is why it’s so important to get started on using it now. We’re here to run you through what schema markup is and some reasons for why it’s so important.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a form of microdata found at This microdata can be added to a webpage HTML.

Schema markup creates an enhanced description which appears in search results. This is commonly known as a rich snippet. 

This microdata allows search engines to better read your content and improve how your website is presented to search users. They become smarter as they are fed data in a structured manner.

Search engines understand their users. 

That is why search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, all wanted to provide a convenient way for users to efficiently see what a website is all about. They  collaborated to create and invent search engine structured data that is specifically for users.

Why is Schema Markup Important for SEO?

There may be a lot to consider in the world of search engine optimization but having your website appear on search engine results pages as trustworthy is a major benefit to you.

Utilizing schema markup is also a great way to get ahead of competitors. It can help you stand out from the crowd in terms of search engine optimization as it’s a newer advancement.

You can learn more about how to Outrank Your Competitors on Google here. 

Schema markup exists so that you can provide definite information about the content on your website. While this is not a definite ranking factor, it is certain to have a positive impact on a user’s experience on search engines – also known as user experience. 

Optimizing schema markup along with other best practices for search engine optimization is a great combination for boosting your ranking. Here are some additional reasons for why schema markup is so important for SEO.

Schema markup provides extensive rich snippets

Schema markup helps your web page to look better on the search engine results page as it provides extensive rich snippets. These snippets are displayed under the page title of your content and include all of the information that a user needs to better understand your website. 

You can easily display the specific information that you want users to see, AND increase your ranking as the search engine chooses the metadata to include.

It boosts your website traffic

As mentioned, schema markup may not be a direct ranking factor, but it can certainly be a big contributor to it! If you could implement additional tactics to boost your website traffic, then it is definitely worth making the improvement.

When your website shows up as a trusted search result, users are more likely to click on it. More users will use your website over competitors who may not appear as trusted, which means for an increase in your click-through-rate.

As your website is easily indexable through targeted metadata that is known to be more accurate than keywords, you receive an indirect SEO benefit. 

As your click-through-rate, bounce rate, and time on site improve, so does your ranking. All of these factors come together to better your SEO and boost your traffic. 

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How to Apply Schema Markup to Your Website as a Beginner

Microdata is the best place for beginners to start because it is simple to use. Microdata is essentially a set of tags that make annotating HTML elements with machine-readable tags easier.

Before you get started, identify the ‘item type’ of the content on your chosen webpage. This could be a specific focus on something like beauty or sports.

From there you will add in an ‘itemscope’ tag in order to identify a specific item. You will then identify the item type based on your niche and apply tags to the rest of the page. 

If you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper can assist you in tagging your webpages. Simply select your item type and paste in the URL of the page you want to target. You can then highlight different elements in order to tag them.

You may also benefit from using Wordlift which is a tool that allows you to use words and phrases in your content that are identified through artificial intelligence. These can then be used to help users know more information about the content in your webpage.

Your New SEO Strategy

You can see now schema markup is a concept that’s going to change the game for the future of SEO. 

Why not get started on using it to build your website traffic and get ahead of competitors?

Blue Water Marketing in Stuart, FL, is here to help you integrate schema markup into your SEO strategy and get you that much needed website traffic! Contact us today to get started, or check out our SEO services to learn more. 


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