Our B2B Retargeting Best Practices for Success


Best Practices of B2B Retargeting for Success


What Is Retargeting?b2b retargeting across the internet

First of all, it’s not just a practice that’s used for e-commerce sites. In fact, it’s a valuable tool for a variety of B2B and B2C companies when it comes to any ad campaigns.

Think of retargeting as a way of positioning yourself in front of potential prospects. These are the visitors who have clicked on your site, your ads, or your content but haven’t pulled the trigger. With a great retargeting strategy in place, you can help move them further down the sales funnel. 

Maybe you’ve visited a website on your search for the perfect pair of sneakers but you didn’t go through with your purchase. Later, you’re on an entirely different website when you see an ad for the sneaker website you visited before, that is the company running remarketing campaigns.

This is a form of B2C retargeting, though it gives you an idea of how retargeting works in general. But for now, we’re going to focus on our B2B retargeting.

B2B Retargeting Best Practices

b2b retargeting across the internet

There are plenty of strategies used by B2B companies to retarget past website visitors for another chance at making a sale using online marketing. But what really works and what doesn’t?

The truth is, this can depend on your specific business and the businesses you’re selling to.

But there are a handful of best practices for B2B retargeting that are successful time and time again.

Try implementing these B2B retargeting best practices and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. 

Share More Information

Customers and clients like to know exactly what they’re spending their money on. The more informed they are about their product or service, the more likely they are to convert. One of the best ways to inform past website visitors about what you offer and boost brand awareness is with blog posts.

Focus on creating really informative content that increases consumer confidence in what you have to sell them. One of our favorite ways to do this is by creating FAQ posts that answer any questions they might have, as well as anything else they need to know.

You’ll want to have a strong content marketing strategy in place to do this effectively. Whether you want to improve your social media influence, build a loyal blog post audience or achieve any other marketing goal, you should use a content strategy checklist to help build and measure your efforts. 

Create Targeted Landing Pages

Another effective B2B retargeting strategy for lead generation is by tailoring specific landing pages and retargeting ads to past visitors.

Like blog posts, these pages can also be used to offer more information about what you offer. This is known as a B2B content landing page or a retargeting ad. 

Another type of landing page that can effectively retarget your offering is a social proof landing page. These pages include testimonies or case studies from current or past customers who had a successful experience with your business. 

For visitors who are further down the sales funnel, a B2B sales funnel is the next step.

Once a visitor is at an advanced funnel stage (think multiple visits and have submitted their email address), it’s time to make a more direct call-to-action. These landing pages might be price quotes, free trial offers, or product demos. This comes into the lead nurturing stage in the B2B remarketing process.  

Want to learn more about creating landing pages that convert? Don’t miss this.

Create Sales Content For Lead Nurturing 

So, you’ve captured a visitor as a lead, but now it’s time to get to lead nurturing with the help of Blue Water Marketing.

When done effectively, lead nurturing continues to build trust and develop your relationship with another business. Think of this as the point when you ramp up your B2B retargeting efforts to drive home to this lead why they need what you have to offer. Consider giving us a call today! 

B2B marketers do this in a number of ways.

  • Get leads to enter their email address for a newsletter sign-up
  • Make another offer, including a white paper download or guide
  • Sharing tutorials or demos in exchange for their email address


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