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Turn website visitors into loyal customers with strategic email and SMS campaigns tailored for 6 & 7-figure eCommerce brands. Our targeted approach enhances LTV and AOV, using segmentation and personalization to boost your revenue goals efficiently. Partner with us for email marketing that drives measurable growth.

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Klaviyo Email Marketing Specialists You Can Trust

Having a Klaviyo account is like having a deck of cards, but it won’t magically make your email marketing succeed. You need a Klaviyo expert to unlock its full potential. Our team knows how to craft strategies that boost your returns and connect with your target audience.


Services We Offer

Our Email And SMS Retention Marketing Solutions

Get more value from Klaviyo with minimal effort. At Blue Water Marketing, we provide various retention marketing solutions designed to meet your brand’s unique needs.

Streamlined Migration & Ongoing Support

We’ll handle the entire Klaviyo setup, from configuring your account for optimal performance to seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform. We’ll also create essential lists and segments, giving your email marketing strategy a powerful launchpad.

Data-Driven Email Strategy

Align your email marketing with your business goals. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy, leveraging best practices and data insights. This ensures your email campaigns deliver results, boosting open rates, CTR, and sales.

Klaviyo SMS Marketing

We take care of all your SMS marketing needs. Our team sets up your messaging system so you can connect with customers and boost your brand creatively. Make the most of mobile commerce with BlueWaterMarketing’s smart SMS marketing strategy.

Tech Stack Synergy

Go beyond email! We leverage integrations with Google Ads, Recharge, and more to unlock the full potential of customer retention. Seamlessly connect your email marketing strategy with other marketing channels, sending targeted emails based on customer interactions across your entire ecosystem.

Segmentation & Optimization

Maximize impact with smart segmentation, A/B testing, and real-time optimization. We boost customer lifetime value and ensure emails resonate. Gain valuable insights into performance and continuously refine your approach, ensuring your email marketing remains a powerful growth engine.

Comprehensive Audit Of Your Email Marketing

At Blue Water Marketing, we provide a full audit of your existing SMS and email retention marketing program. We help you review every aspect in detail, including system infrastructure, automation/ flows, strategy, deliverability, content/templates, internal team operational processes, and integrations.

Results You Can Expect

Improved Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate

Typically, about 68% of shoppers leave their online carts without buying anything. Simple email reminders usually bring back 7 to 10% of them. With our system, you can expect to recover around 18% or above of those abandoned carts.

Welcome Your New Traffic

Attract and greet new site visitors with a well-crafted welcome sequence that shows your values, best-selling products, and product education. Send engaging emails to delight your leads and convert 8% of them into first-time buyers.

Get More Repeat Customers And Sales

Leverage Klaviyo’s powerful tech to group buyers and tailor your messages. Increase return rates, get more referrals, gather reviews, and build long-lasting loyalty.

Rebrand Emails

Boost engagement with branded order transactional emails—they have a 70% open rate. Ensure you customize communications from all your tools and apps (Recharge, Reviews, Loyalty programs, and Quizzes).

Send Campaigns That Work

Rest assured, our team consistently plans and runs engaging campaigns. You’ll get top-notch deliverability and engagement outcomes.

How We Work

Get More Revenue Out Of Every Send

Your email marketing could drive more revenue, provided you leverage the best in business. At BlueWaterMarkeitng, we follow industry standards and best practices to help you build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers.

We Customize The Strategy

Your strategist will craft and fine-tune your custom plan each month. You just have to approve it.

We Audit Your Account

We’ll introduce you to a dedicated email strategist who will learn about your business and explain how BlueWaterMarketing works. They’ll gather all the information needed to tailor your strategy.

We Design And Send Your Email Campaigns

We manage the entire process, including copywriting, template design, user testing, scheduling, subject line creation, and ESP setup.

We Monitor & Optimize Performance

We use Klaviyo’s smart tools to track your campaigns’ performance. By analyzing how users interact and engage, our team of experts tweaks strategies to boost engagement and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We leverage Klaviyo's powerful analytics to craft emails that do more than just sell; they engage and build lasting relationships. Our strategies include personalized product recommendations, loyalty rewards programs, and re-engagement campaigns that remind customers of the value they find in your brand. By continually providing value and relevance through each email, we help you boost customer retention rates and increase LTV systematically.

Segmentation is key to personalizing email communications and enhancing engagement rates. By categorizing customers based on their behavior, purchase history, and engagement levels, we create targeted campaigns that resonate more deeply. This approach ensures that the right messages reach the right customers at the right time, optimizing open rates and conversions, and ultimately increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Our onboarding process is designed to align our strategies with your business goals effectively. It starts with a deep dive into your current email marketing efforts and a comprehensive audit of your existing databases. We'll discuss your target audience, brand voice, and marketing objectives. From there, we set up your Klaviyo account, integrate it with your eCommerce platform, and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing optimization.


Our design process is highly collaborative and tailored to reflect your brand's unique aesthetic and messaging. We start by understanding your brand guidelines, color scheme, and visual preferences. Our designers then craft bespoke email templates that not only look appealing but also function seamlessly across all devices. We focus on creating visually engaging content that maintains brand consistency, enhances readability, and encourages interaction, ensuring that every email looks great and performs even better.

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