How to Foolproof Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

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Facebook advertising has gone through quite a whirlwind in recent years. With organic reach becoming more difficult on the Facebook platform, many marketers have turned to paid advertising methods.

Facebook advertising has remained relevant because the platform still holds such a large user base in comparison to other social platforms. Although the targeted audiences for many brands are still there, the Facebook algorithm has gone through changes. These changes have resulted in organic reach becoming almost impossible.

This means the approach to Facebook strategy has not only changed but has left a lot of marketers scratching their heads. If the audience is still there, we want to be engaging with them, even if it’s not organically. Right?

The Power of Facebook Advertising

You certainly want to be investing time into the Facebook platform as a part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

With such a large user base, it’s more than likely that your audience is active on Facebook. This makes it an ideal place to target whoever your ideal audience may be.

Furthermore, Facebook ads allow you to choose in-depth details about who you want to target. Select demographics that match your personas, so your ads are only seen by those that you want to see them. No wasted time and no wasted budget.

So now that you know why Facebook advertising is an important part of your marketing strategy, let’s explore how you can go about creating a foolproof Facebook advertising strategy.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started!

Use targeting for the best results

One of the best features of Facebook advertising is ad targeting. You can choose exactly who you want your target audience to be.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your ad isn’t being put in front of those who aren’t going to make a purchase.

Targeting options include location, age, interests, and different demographics. The ability to define your audience is a major plus of Facebook advertising as your message goes to the right people. If your content is relatable or valuable to those people, they are more likely to convert.

The different targeting options allow you to target existing customers, fans, and potential customers.

Facebook targeting options also allow you to create custom audiences as a part of your marketing strategy. Custom audiences are great for remarketing ads as they target those who have already interacted with your business in some way.

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Experiment with different types of ads

Once you have determined your target audience and have chosen the best demographic options for reaching them, you will need to get the right type of ad in front of them.

As a part of your digital marketing strategy, you will set goals. Goals should be set for Facebook advertising to help you decide what you want to gain from your campaigns.

Is it buildings brand awareness? Getting your target audience to interact and engage with your content? Conversions?

These goals will help you to determine what type of Facebook ad to use – as there are a few options.

For example, if you want to gain brand awareness, you might use a Facebook Feed ad. This ad type can help to better blend in with your users’ feed and get your brand noticed more organically.

If you are looking to make a conversion, you might use a carousel ad to showcase your different products. A carousel ad allows prospects to click to learn more, or purchase.

Focus on Facebook ad content

Getting your Facebook ad in front of your target audience is meaningless unless the ad is impactful. This makes Facebook ad content important!

Think about what is going to make users click on your ad. It likely isn’t something that is run of the mill or boring. Get creative with your Facebook ad content and tap into your target audiences’ emotions.

Humor is a great way to mix things up and get attention from potential buyers. When content is entertaining, it is more likely to be noticed.

Video ads are another way to mix up your ad content. It grabs the user’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed and your video starts to play. Facebook also favors video as a part of its algorithm, which makes video ads even more of a front-runner.


Understand Facebook advertising metrics

Facebook advertising metrics provide metrics on the performance of your ads, which is great for you as a marketer but can make understanding them difficult.

Vanity metrics are the metrics that look great on paper but aren’t necessarily valuable in monitoring your success. They include data such as the number of visitors, follows likes, etc.

Make it a part of your Facebook advertising strategy to look at metrics that matter and use these to help make informed decisions on your strategy moving forward. Important metrics for your strategy might be something like website clicks or product purchases.

Track and adjust your campaigns

Like with anything related to digital marketing, you will run into a bit of trial and error before you officially get things right.

Once you have gotten a good handle on your Facebook ad metrics, use them to inform your strategy and make adjustments. Did a certain style of ad get more clicks? Did an ad related to humor get the activity you were looking for?

These are the outcomes that you should pay attention to and use to help decide what parts of your Facebook ads strategy you will use moving forward.

You also might start with smaller test campaigns to get a feel for the response and make the decision to run bigger campaigns based on these. This allows you to understand what your audience responds to best, before blowing your budget all in one place.

Do You Need Help with Your Facebook Advertising Strategy?

We hope these tips are helpful in getting you started on creating your foolproof Facebook advertising strategy.

If you’re interested in discussing how to create an effective Facebook advertising strategy that will boost sales and achieve business growth, get in touch today or take a look at our Facebook advertising services here.

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