Generate Home Improvement Leads With Our Facebook Ad Hacks

Our Top Facebook Ad Hacks to Generate Home Improvement Leads

Struggling to make a name for yourself in the home improvement industry? It’s an incredibly competitive field, but with these Facebook ad hacks, you’ll be getting recognition and growing your business in no time.

Standing out from your competition in the home improvement industry is increasingly tough in today’s digital world. Each day, new businesses enter the race and make it even more challenging to get the leads you need to gain the kind of momentum you want in your business. 

Not to mention, it seems like there are new social media platforms you need to get familiar with the second you get a handle on the last one. But one of the tried and true social media platforms that’s a must for businesses of all kinds on Facebook. And when it comes to generating home improvement leads, Facebook ads can make or break your success.

That’s why today we’re going to share our best Facebook ad hacks of all time to stand out for all the right reasons and grow your home improvement business!

How To Get Leads For Your Home Service Business

Best Facebook Ad Hacks of All Time for Home Improvement Companies

Now, let’s say you’ve been in the home improvement industry for quite some time. Until now, you haven’t invested in digital marketing. But now, you’re left wondering if you should or why you need to. 

Simply put, at this point, your competitors are using social media advertising of all kinds to build their business. If your business isn’t doing the same, you’re giving your competition an easy advantage! Not to mention, people use social media and the internet to look for home improvement services.

If your business isn’t present on these platforms, how will the majority of your customer base ever find you? 

(Read more about why you need Facebook advertising to promote your business in this post)

But in today’s world, simply having an online presence isn’t enough. You need to take things like SEO, PPC, and all other elements of digital marketing into account. When you cover all of these bases, you’re able to expand your presence, and ultimately, your business. 

Luckily, Facebook ad hacks can help get you started making the impact online you need to grow your business.

But here’s the thing about Facebook ad hacks: some will work better for your particular business than others. For example, most businesses benefit from incorporating video content into their digital marketing strategy. But maybe your business is the exception. That’s just one example of how not every ad is right for every business. 

However, the beauty of many of these hacks is they are quick and easy to implement. If one doesn’t work for you, you can quickly redirect your efforts.

Powerful Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Powerful Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Before we explore specific Facebook ad hacks, let’s talk more about the importance of effective Facebook ad targeting. This helps ensure you’re reaching the right people and not wasting time or money on ineffective advertising. 

When it comes to targeting users for your home improvement industry ads, here are a few tips for starting out:

  • Begin with a combination of basic demographics, including not only where they live but also where they work
  • Target your audience’s interests
  • If you sell a home improvement product or service, target people already looking to buy your product
  • Group your audience by their level of education
  • Search out people who love to travel
  • Focus your ads on people with similar political beliefs
  • Promote to new hires and people who are likely relocating soon

But now, let’s get even more specific. When it comes to Facebook ad hacks for the home improvement industry, here are some tips for more detailed audience targeting tactics: 

  • Target users with mobile phones
  • Target people who are currently away from home
  • Search out people who love to travel
  • Target home ownership interests
  • Search for people in expensive homes
  • Target people with children
  • Focus on people who are in a long-distance relationship and might be looking to relocate
  • Target couples who have an anniversary approaching
  • Search out friends of people celebrating a milestone
  • Target buyer profiles
  • Target people by their income level
  • Seek out people with children
  • Target gamers

18 Genius Facebook Ad Hacks for Winning Campaigns

18 Genius Facebook Ad Hacks for Winning Campaigns

Now, let’s move on to some specific Facebook Ad hacks to try for your next campaign. Some of these are self-explanatory, while others require a little more background information. 

  1. Write a compelling ad headline: Ad headlines, calls to action, or CTAS, are one of the most important pieces in your entire digital marketing strategy. Your headlines need to be bold and attention-grabbing for them to stand out in a sea of your competitors. Take a look at this post next to learn more about writing compelling CTAs.
  2. Create an irresistible value offer: Isn’t that what all marketers want to do? Whether it’s in the home improvement industry or virtually any other industry, an irresistible value offer is just that: irresistible. It means your audience won’t be able to say no and your business will grow thanks to the appeal of your services.
  3. Offer social proof: CXL defines social proof as being “based on the idea of normative social influence, which states that people will conform in order to be liked by, similar to, or accepted by the influencer (or society).” Learn more about what social proof means and how it works by visiting this link
  4. Master the art of urgency: You know the term FOMO? Use that to your advantage! Make your audience feel like they’re missing out on something great if they don’t 
  5. Use high-quality ad design: These help position your brand as high-quality at the same time, while also attracting more attention.
  6. Create colorful, eye-catching ads: This is one of those self-explanatory Facebook Ad hacks but we still have to include it because it’s so important.
  7. A/B test your ad images: This gives you an idea of what your audience prefers and the types of ads and images they like best. Learn more about A/B testing in this post: 6 Tips For Creating Landing Pages That Convert
  8. Try carousel ad campaigns: These help you maximize screen real-estate and get the most bang for your buck! You can choose up to 10 single images or videos for users to swipe through on mobile or click between on desktop devices. Find out more, straight from the source. 
  9. Opt for videos instead of images: Video is where it’s at for Facebook Ads. No list of Facebook Ad hacks is complete without mentioning how important it is to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.
  10. Always use subtitles for video ads: How many times have you clicked out of an ad because you couldn’t have your phone volume up for some reason? If you’re like most people, you’d much rather have the option to watch a video with subtitles so you don’t miss out on the content altogether. Not to mention, subtitles are also important for making your content accessible to audience members with visual impairment. 
  11. Design attractive landing pages: This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. Your landing pages need to be attractive to not only capture your audience’s attention, but also to position your brand properly.
  12. Make a separate landing page for each campaign: It’s true—you shouldn’t use the same landing page for each campaign. Each campaign you create should be made with a very targeted, specific audience in mind. Naturally, all of these audiences will be a bit different. That’s why the landing pages they end up on should be too. Landing pages should be detailed and specific to certain audience groups based on their interests, demographics, and other targeting factors. Create different landing pages with all of these differences in mind, and you’ll find your audience responds a lot better to your ads. That’s right: your conversion rates will skyrocket right before your eyes! 
  13. Monitor your ad frequency: Are you noticing your ads aren’t being shown as much as before? Or some are being shown a lot more than others? Monitoring ad frequency this way helps you find out what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be changed. 
  14. Rotate your ads: Rotating your ads helps ensure your audience isn’t bombarded with the same ads for months on ends. If you have five ad images you’re really excited about, you could rotate them on a weekly basis so your audience is getting more exposure to different content and messaging. 
  15. Emphasize the emotions: Playing to your audience’s emotions is a powerful way to get their attention. When it comes to the home improvement industry, there are plenty of ways to do this because the concept of home and what it means to each of us is incredibly emotional to begin with.
  16. Keep it simple: Don’t confuse or overwhelm your audience! Use just enough information to get attention, share your message, and call your audience to action. 
  17. Align your ad design with your branding: This is another trick to creating a recognizable brand and a cohesive image. Stick to your brand’s colors, logos, and general style across all of your messaging. This helps the brand become more recognizable.
  18. Spice up your ads with emojis: These are just another tool for grabbing your audience’s attention. Emojis can add a creative and fun element to your ads. They’re not right for everyone, but if you can work them into your ads in a fun way that is also relevant to your message, go for it.

Put These Facebook Ad Hacks to Work 

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the Facebook ad hacks we’ve just shared? Don’t fear. We encourage you to start small. Implement a few of these strategies to begin with. That way, you’ll also have an easier time figuring out what’s working and what’s not. 

But an even better way to not only not overwhelm yourself but to also make sure you’re getting the best return on your investments into Facebook ads is working with experts! Right now, you might be spending hours each day or each week creating, tweaking, and optimizing your Facebook ads. Along with all of that time can be ad spend that isn’t getting you a good return. At the same time, you could be adding a lot of stress and unnecessary work to your plate. 

Now, just imagine if those were taken care of (from A-Z) for you. What would you do with all of that extra time? Devote it to customer service? Learning new skills that can help you grow your business? Finally taking that long overdue family vacation or just simply having more time with your friends and family? No matter how you would spend that extra time, it will be time you’re glad to have back knowing your Facebook ads are taken care of for you. 

The team of Facebook Ads experts is here to do just that for you! We use our proven algorithms to create Facebook ads that perform and get you the kind of results you’ve only been dreaming of until now.

At Blue Water Marketing, the goal of our Facebook advertising agency is to drive traffic that leads to sales or lead-generation for your business. 

Our Facebook Ad Strategy

When it comes to Facebook ads, we do this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing clicks from Facebook Ads
  2. Boosting conversions from Facebook Ads
  3. Increasing the relevance of Facebook Ads
  4. Improving brand awareness

With each component of our effective Facebook ad strategy taken care of for you, you will not only get a lot more time back for yourself, but you’ll also start to generate the business and results you’ve been waiting for. 

If that sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, we should talk. Take a look at our Facebook ad services here and get to know more about Blue Water Marketing in Stuart, FL.

Do you want to read even more Facebook ad hacks to help you grow your home improvement business?

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