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We specialize in driving growth for Shopify stores by meticulously managing and optimizing your marketing spend. Leveraging key financial metrics like daily MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio), contribution margins, and more, we ensure every dollar spent maximizes your return on investment.

Why Us

Your Business Is Our Business – Get A Pathway From Where You Are To Where You Intend To Go

We understand that the backbone of a successful eCommerce business isn’t just effective marketing but also robust financial planning. Specializing in Shopify brands, we integrate advanced financial metrics with strategic marketing efforts to help your business thrive. Our approach is unique because we treat your business as if it were our own. Here’s how we add value:

Precision in Profitability

We meticulously track and analyze your MER to ensure that marketing spend directly correlates with your profitability goals.

Operational Expense Management

We balance your advertising spend against operational costs, ensuring that your growth is sustainable and profitable.

Tailored Financial Forecasting

By understanding your operational expenses and the effectiveness of each campaign, we help predict future financial performance and guide budget allocation.

Advanced Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Tracking

We break down CAC by new versus returning customers, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies and budget adjustments.

At Blue Water Marketing, our goal is simple: partner with you in driving substantial business growth through enhanced financial clarity and marketing strategy alignment.

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Our Process

What To Expect: Our Financial 4-Step Quick Process

Here’s our tried-and-tested four-step process to help you build an effective growth and financial plan to meet your business goals.


With insights from the discovery phase, we develop a customized financial and marketing plan that targets key areas for improvement and growth.

Optimize and Monitor

We continually monitor the performance, making real-time adjustments to strategies and plans to ensure they align with dynamic market conditions and your business objectives.


We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your current marketing strategies and financial health, setting the stage for informed strategic planning.

Campaign Development and Launch

Our team crafts and launches your custom Facebook Ads campaign, integrating UGC to maximize engagement.


Our team puts the plan into action, optimizing your marketing campaigns and financial strategies to ensure they deliver on the agreed-upon goals.

Growth Mapping

Our team meticulously tracks your ad spend and revenue daily to ensure our KPIs are being met.

With Blue Water Marketing you get a holistic financial and growth partner to help you protect what matters most to you and what you’ve worked hard to create. Our team blends smarts with the latest marketing efforts to bring you amazing results.

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What's Included

Optimized Financial Reporting for Marketing Success

At Blue Water Marketing, every element of our service is designed to enhance the financial oversight and marketing effectiveness of your eCommerce business:


Daily Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) Tracking

We provide daily updates on your MER, giving you a clear picture of how effectively your marketing dollars are being converted into revenue.


New Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Analysis

Specialized reports that differentiate the acquisition costs of new customers from returning ones, helping to refine marketing strategies and optimize spend.


Contribution Margin Assessment

We analyze your contribution margins to ensure that after accounting for variable costs, your marketing strategies are still profitable.


Advertising Spend Oversigh

Continuous monitoring of your advertising spend relative to sales to maintain balance and ensure each dollar is optimally utilized.


Profitability Forecasting

Using historical data and current trends, we forecast future profitability to aid in strategic decision-making and budget planning.


Operational Expense Analysis

We scrutinize your operational costs in relation to marketing spend to ensure sustainable growth.

MER measures the return on your marketing spend. It's crucial because it helps you understand how each dollar spent contributes to your revenue, allowing us to optimize your campaigns for maximum profitability.In fact, UGC serves as genuine social proof that your product is worth buying. It is 6.6 times more influential than branded content.

We use advanced analytics to differentiate the costs associated with acquiring new customers versus retaining existing ones. This allows us to tailor strategies that maximize your marketing budget and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

We also collaborate with you to decide the best way to advertise for you so you get the most out of your investment.

Absolutely! We analyze your sales minus the variable costs directly associated with the product, providing insights into the profitability of your products and helping you make informed pricing and marketing decisions.

At Blue Water Marekting, we'll help you build a one-of-a-kind social strategy tailored to your long-term goals. Our experts will help you define the purpose (such as brand building, differentiation, and education) and devise an action plan to bring this strategy to life.

You'll receive detailed reports on how your advertising budget is being spent, including which campaigns are most effective. This oversight ensures your marketing efforts are aligned with your sales outcomes, optimizing spend and enhancing ROI.

We use historical data and current performance metrics to predict future profitability. This forecasting helps you plan your marketing efforts and budget allocation more effectively, ensuring sustained growth and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

No. Our approach to financial planning and growth mapping begins right where you are, regardless of your current situation. Starting sooner gives you a better chance to set yourself up for success.

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