5 Reasons You Need Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Business

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There are all kinds of motivational quotes out there about the importance of keeping up with the competition or risk getting left behind. When it comes to facebook advertising, these quotes are especially relevant. The truth is, your competitors are already using Facebook ads to get traffic and build their business.

While you certainly need to (and shouldn’t) do everything your competitors do, fb advertising is one part of a marketing strategy you just can’t afford to skip. 

We’re going to get into the specific reasons you need fb advertising to promote your business in a minute. First, let’s talk about running a business in the digital age. More importantly, let’s talk about growing a business in the digital age. If you’re planning your strategy, go ahead and check our the winner of Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads For eCommerce.

How to Ascend your Business in the Digital Age

Growing your business in 2021 almost certainly means involving yourself in the digital world in some way. And we don’t just mean on Facebook. This also means having other social media accounts for your business, as well as a great website. 

But with Facebook’s increasing rate of influence on business and marketing in general, it’s certainly an important area to focus your energy. Current estimates have the total amount of monthly Facebook users at 2.8 billion. If you’re not advertising on Facebook, just imagine how many people you’re missing out on! Facebook ad revenue in general is nothing short of impressive either. It surpassed $84.2 billion in 2020, which was up 21% from the year before. 

With the use of smartphones for accessing Facebook, it makes it even easier to reach more people—you’re not limited to an audience that only uses computers. 

If this doesn’t have you fully convinced about the importance of fb advertising, let’s get into even more reasons this is the way to go. 

5 Reasons You Need Facebook Ads to Promote Your Business

5 Reasons You Need Facebook Ads to Promote Your Business - Facebook Advertising

“Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook?” If you’re still asking this question, we think these five reasons will help you answer it. 

Facebook Ads is super advantageous

When done well, fb advertising is known for its great ROI. While you’ll almost certainly want to invest more than $30 per month on Facebook ads, a dollar per day is the minimum ad spend they require. 

In his article, “Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads,” Brian Carter explains: If you just spend $1 per day on Facebook ads, you will get in front of 4,000 people that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you are doing that and your competitors aren’t, you win the awareness game in your niche.”

Now, just imagine the results you can achieve with a higher ad spend and a killer advertising strategy backing you! 

Simple to set-up and results quickly

The ease-of-use is another big advantage of Facebook ads. If you have a basic understanding of Facebook, it won’t take long to create your first Facebook ads. Not to mention, once your ads are up and running, you can start getting results just as quickly. 

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You can get to your ideal audience

One of the big draws to fb advertising is how customizable your ad campaigns can be. Facebook’s audience targeting tools help you get a lot more specific in targeting your audience than relying on a keyword alone. You can target Facebook users based on a number of demographics, as well as interests, behavior, connections, and more. 

Fb Ads campaigns are highly customizable

It’s hard to be the sheer versatility of Facebook ad options. There’s no reason to stick to a single ad type or not experiment. Facebook lets you choose from a number of ad types to help you reach your goals.

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Instant experience

(Straight from the source: Facebook breaks down with of these ads suits what kind of goal best right here)

Facebook adds new features every month

You’ve also got to love how Facebook continually updates their advertising platform. Since 2004 when Facebook first began generating ad revenue with “Flyers” to 2021 where marketers can create a wide variety of ad campaigns and targeted audiences, fb advertising has come a long way.

As fb advertising continues to grow, so do the amount of people who use the platform. That means potential new customers each and every day!

With all of this versatility, it probably comes as no surprise there are several different Facebook ad strategies out there. When it comes to choosing the right one for your unique business, we encourage you to choose Facebook ads services from an agency with proven results they’re proud to show you. 

FB Ads The Blue Water Marketing Way

That brings us to how we do things at Blue Water Marketing. We live and breathe digital marketing, and Facebook ads are a major part of that. If you’re new to how we do things and you think you might be ready to invest in professional Facebook ad services, we’re eager to help you learn more about us. 

Ultimately, the goal of our Fb advertising agency is to drive traffic that leads to sales or lead-generation for your business

Time and time again, we generate exceptional fb advertising results for our clients based on these four steps:

  1. Increasing Clicks from Facebook Ads
  2. Driving Conversions from Facebook Ads
  3. Increasing the Relevance of Facebook Ads
  4. Boosting the Overall Awareness of Your Brand

Within each of these broad steps are the more intricate workings of our Facebook ads process. 

Our Facebook ads process

First, we focus on business learning and research. This includes learning about your business, your products and services, business objectives, and target audience. It also involves analyzing all of your available materials, previous campaigns, data, website traffic, and any insights gained to help us create the best campaign possible. Then, we put Facebook’s Insights tools to work and our own in-house techniques to find the right audiences to target on Facebook. We then start formulating the best way to get in front of these audiences and figure out how to get them to take action. 

That leads us to step two: the strategy and planning stage. This is when we review all of the discovery and research material we collect. We then put together the right offering and messaging to get results for your unique business. Depending on your business, these results and goals could be driving sales, generating leads, growing your following, getting app installs, or any other of Facebook’s objectives. 

Next, we move onto targeting your audience. Using the extensive research we collect, we’re able to precisely target the Facebook users who are most likely to engage and interact with your brand. This is an ongoing process that involves regular testing and monitoring. 

That’s also part of the fourth component of our fb advertising process that involves ongoing ads management and optimization. Managing and optimizing your Facebook campaigns simply means improving the performance of the ad account. 

Our process gets even more intricate here with the strategies we have in place for gaining the maximum amount of return from your budget. This step of the process can involve a number of things, including increasing the budget, removing certain age brackets, split testing the creative, tweaking the audience, and more. Account monitoring is done every day to make sure everything is on track and nothing gets missed. 

Your next steps

Blue Water Marketing has covered a lot in this post. From the reasons to invest in Facebook advertising to tips for optimizing your campaigns and much more, you now have a good head start. But are you ready to take things to the next level? Then we’d love to talk more about putting our strategies to work for you. Call us today and let’s begin!


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