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Tired Of Dealing With Facebook Ad Fatigue And Increasing CAC?

If you recognize any of these issues, we’re here to help. As a leading Facebook ad agency, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in various eCom niches solve these exact problems.


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Check out our experience, clientele, and how we do performance-wise.

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Result-Driven Facebook Ads Services

From strategy creation to campaign analysis, we’ll help you reach your Facebook goals—Listen, Facebook Ads is about direct-response advertising. We’re in the business of driving new customer acquisition at a profitable rate. That’s our goal for your store.

Let us help you create highly effective and impactful Facebook ad campaigns that resonate with your audience and maximize ROI.

Dynamic Ad Creatives

We craft engaging ad content that resonates with your audience using dynamic ad formats and personalized messaging that leads to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Audience Targeting

We help you connect with Facebook users by choosing ad audiences based on interests, behaviors, and demographics.

A/B Testing

Fine-tune your ad campaigns with A/B testing to identify the most effective ad elements. We’ll ensure continuous improvement and optimal performance over time.

Optimization For Conversions

Fine-tune your ad campaigns with A/B testing to identify the most effective ad elements. We’ll ensure continuous improvement and optimal performance over time.

Which Ad Formats Do Our Facebook Ad Management Include?

Carousel Ads

Use selected images to tell a story or show off multiple products, tailored to engage your target audience.


Share user-generated videos that promote your brand, scripted to connect with your client’s target personas.


Single Image Ads

Highlight individual products with high-quality images, chosen to appeal to your audience and showcase the product’s benefits.

Catalog Sales Ads

Retarget customers with dynamic product images from your store, based on the pages they visit, displaying your products attractively.

Video Ads

Create engaging videos that speak directly to your customers, delivering messages that align with their interests and drive brand loyalty.



These are just a few. Each type has its own benefits.
Want to know which one best suits your online store?

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Our Process

Facebook Ad Management That Converts

Take off on a journey to Facebook Ads mastery with Blue Water Marketing. Our strategic approach ensures unparalleled success in your advertising campaigns. Here’s a glimpse into how we make it happen:

Account Set Up & Creative Research

Once you sign the contract, we’ll send you a Questionnaire pronto. Then, we’ll schedule a kickoff call with the team within 24 hours.

Launch And Management

We’ll kickstart with a CRO workshop and develop a creative strategy. Next, we’ll draft ad copies and creative content. After your approval, targeted ad campaigns will go live. We’ll closely monitor things and tweak them as needed to drive results.

Optimize And Iterate

As we figure out what’s working and what’s not, we’ll tweak and update ads accordingly. We’re all about churning out a bunch of fresh, creative ads.


We hop on a quick call to understand your needs, who you are, and what challenges you face. We’ll see if we’re a good match for your project.

Campaign Development and Launch

Our team crafts and launches your custom Facebook Ads campaign, integrating UGC to maximize engagement.

Kick Off Call And Campaign Development

In the kickoff call, we’ll craft a marketing strategy together. We’ll set clear goals and objectives hand-in-hand.

Growth Mapping

Our team meticulously tracks your ad spend and revenue daily to ensure our KPIs are being met.

Reporting And Analysis

You’ll get weekly updates and detailed monthly reports based on our agreement. These reports will include analysis and recommendations.

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Result-Driven Facebook Ads Services

When your business partners with BlueWaterMarketing, you:


Reclaim Workday

Get everything you need for Facebook advertising in one place. We help you create, manage, and implement your ad strategy. You can adjust how much you want to get involved to fit your schedule and preferences.


Accelerate ROI

Boost your returns with our experienced team and technology. We’ll craft a winning Facebook ad strategy to meet your goals, whether it’s raising awareness, getting leads, or making sales.


Grow Bottom Line

Increase your profits by aligning our strategy with your objectives and industry. Our dedicated team will help you adapt to changes in the market to reach your goals.


Proven Strategies

Our proven strategies have helped 150 brands achieve brilliance in their Facebook Ads campaigns, resulting in increased engagement, higher click-through rates, and improved conversion rates.

Our service is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of direct-to-consumer brands. We understand the nuances of the DTC marketplace and focus on creating campaigns that not only drive sales but also build brand loyalty. By leveraging precise targeting and data analysis, we ensure that every ad dollar is spent effectively to maximize your return on investment.

Success is measured using key performance indicators such as the marketing efficiency ratio (MER), contribution margin, and overall return on ad spend (ROAS). We go beyond traditional metrics like clicks and impressions to provide a deeper understanding of how ad spend directly contributes to your bottom line. Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to see the profitability of your campaigns in real-time.

The Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) is a crucial metric that measures the total revenue generated for every dollar spent on marketing. It helps us assess the overall effectiveness of your ad campaigns and optimize for profitability. A higher MER indicates more efficient use of your marketing budget, leading to better financial outcomes for your DTC brand.

We employ a variety of strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of each DTC brand. This includes A/B testing for ad creatives and messaging, advanced segmentation to target the most profitable customer profiles, and continuous campaign adjustments based on real-time performance data. Additionally, we focus on optimizing your ad spend across different stages of the customer journey to ensure the highest possible conversion rates and customer retention.

Our tailored strategies and data-driven approach ensure optimized ad campaigns that drive results.

We track key metrics like CTR, conversion rates, and ROI to gauge ad performance and make data-driven optimizations.

We aim to improve your Facebook ad campaigns' CTRs, conversions, and ROI, delivering measurable and tangible results.

Get in touch for a free consultation, and let's discuss how we can optimize your Facebook ads strategy for success.

Scaling ad campaigns effectively requires a careful balance between maintaining a strong ROI and expanding reach. We start with a solid foundation of proven ad sets, then gradually increase the budget while closely monitoring performance metrics and adjusting strategies as needed. Our approach ensures that scalability does not compromise efficiency or profitability, allowing your brand to grow sustainably.

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