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PPC Management For eCommerce

Google Ads

Google Ads reach is massive and not to be ignored. Our goal is to drive qualified traffic to your website based on predetermined keywords for your ecommerce brand.

Shopping Ads

We manage your Shopping Ads by bidding on products and keywords. It shows attractive and highly-controllable images of your products to customers ready to buy.

Retargeting Ads

Remarketing brings back visitors who have already been to your site. You display ads will appear on a number of the other sites they visit across the internet.

Display Ads

eCommerce refers to a website developed specifically as an outlet for users to shop online. Our team will build a Shopify or WooCommerce site perfect for increasing your online sales.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides tremendous opportunity to launch strategic remarketing campaigns and video ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a value resource that allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action.

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How Our PPC Management Services Are Different Than Others

You can instantly reap the results of E-commerce PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements once they go live. One of these results is driving highly-qualified leads to your website. PPC campaigns are hyper-targeted, enabling you to reach the right people with lower customer acquisition costs in comparison to other marketing campaigns.

The very nature of PPC advertising makes it cost-effective. You only pay every time someone clicks on your ads and you can set your maximum bid per keyword trigger. You also can set the size of your target audience for narrow or broad targeting. The best thing about PPC advertising is that you don’t need to search for your audience – they search for you or the trigger keywords you use, specifically.

Our campaign setups are more intricate. Our team has years of PPC management experience, specifically when it comes to eCommerce. The goal is to ensure that you are not wasting any spend, therefore delivery more results, at a lower CPA. 

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Shopping Ads Managed Services: Our Process

PPC advertising sounds straightforward enough but for an e-commerce store, it’s a lot of work and a lot of wasted time and resources that you could’ve directed to what matters most – the growth of your business.

Pay Per Click management sounds easy enough, right? Keywords, products, bids and BOOM! You have a campaign. Well, not exactly.

Our team has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google Ads, Amazon Ads & Shopping Ads and have to disagree with the simplicity.

When we start working with a new client, yes, there is keyword research, landing pages & product research, but there are also audience research, competitive research, ad copy research, price-point research, ad schedules & manual bidding strategies. We review all of the previous data to determine where potential inefficiencies were, in order for us to do our job.

From there, you have access to your account, so you can check the “Change History” of your campaign. On a daily basis, we are optimizing our bids for your products, adjusting various tactics & timeframes based on WHEN PEOPLE ARE BUYING. We want to make sure that your spend is delivering the highest ROI possible.

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#1 Assign an Experienced PPC Manager to your Account

One of our PPC managers will be dedicated to your account, along with one of our in-house Account Managers, who will bring you through our on-boarding process to ensure we are meeting every single need of your business. 

Additionally, this is where all of our expectations are reviewed & agreed upon. We need to make sure all of our goals align for your business (and ours). 

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#2 Google Merchant Account & Keywords

First, we either gain access to, or create your Google Merchant Account. We want to connect & optimize for delivery.

We want to spend money on the most cost-effective keywords. We will do our research to find opportunities for your business. Keywords are the search terms that people type into search networks when looking for something they are interested in.

We research thousands of keywords and measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign.

We then report back to you with our findings for your approval. Our main goal is that you fully understand the benefits of using various keywords that you might not have thought of.

Increase eCommerce Sales With Pay-Per-Click

#3 Ad Creation & Management

While Shopping Ads may seem easy to set up, they can be challenging to master if you don’t have the right strategy in place. Part of that strategy includes the ads. 

you can reach shopper specific-search queries with clickable images at the very top of the search results (above organic results).

While Google Shopping Campaigns have been around for some time, Google has added powerful capabilities over the years, such as Showcase Shopping, Local Inventory Ads, Smart Shopping campaigns, new smart bidding strategies, and more.


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#4 Monitoring, Analyzing & Reporting

You will have access to your live, custom dashboard that will be tracking all of your ad spend, your Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce website, & any other marketing campaigns that we have implemented for your business. 

On a bi-monthly, monthly & quarterly basis, we will provide detailed reporting of your campaign. You will receive custom reports tailored to the KPI’s that we’ve identified during the on-boarding phase of our new clients. 

We’ll also hop on a call with you to discuss any changes to the account, changes in your business & to discuss any new specials, or products that your business is offering in order to ensure that we are always working to grow your business.

eCommerce Growth Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay-per-click offers unique opportunities to expand your customer base at an accelerated speed and connect with specific users looking for businesses like yours. 

Because PPC marketing allows you to reach users at a crucial time, when they are specifically searching to spend on a product, Pay Per Click advertising is a highly effective way to gain their business directly and immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


The key performance indicators we look at are website traffic and conversions. We will evaluate how much traffic your website is receiving, and how many people actually converted into the desired result.

The amount of traffic each month will vary. It depends on 1) how effective we make your campaign and 2) your advertising budget. The more fuel we have in the tank, the more results we can generate for you.

The amount of conversions will also vary. We will be able to track the amount of conversions from our ads. This will allow us to use performance data of our ad campaigns to make gradual improvements. In consideration of this, we believe your conversion rate will increase over time.

However, it is important to note that there are external factors that impact conversions that we do not control. This includes the price, product quality, website destination, and market you are competing in.

It can be expensive to advertise on Google. This is because they have a pay-per-click model, which means you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. However, this traffic is often high quality. The people you are advertising to are in search of your products or services, which is often worth the price.

We recommend our clients to consider the average lifetime value of a customer for their business. Once you understand this, identify the maximum you are willing to spend to acquire one customer. Our minimum monthly ad budget for local businesses is $2,500/mo. For our national brands looking to generate leads or eCommerce sales, our monthly minimum budget is $5,000/mo.

Services & Working Together

You will be assigned a dedicated Pay-Per-Click account manager. This person is trained in PPC advertising and is likely to have experience working with clients similar to your industry. This person will be your main point of contact. In addition, each account manager reports to a Director, who reviews all deliverables before it is sent to you. This is to ensure that you receive quality work and to resolve tough situations.

We will learn your business by sending you a questionnaire. Upon completion, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to discuss the questionnaire and any additional questions may have about your business. After the kickoff call, we will do more research and develop a strategy that is specific to your business.

In the questionnaire, we learn more about your ad preferences. In the strategy we develop for you, it will specify the advertising approach that we will use for your business. If you approve this approach, we will start developing the ads in an ad calendar. You will have an opportunity to review all advertisements in advance before it is published.

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it.

Your paid search manager can develop unique advertisements that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography, simple design software, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop advertisements to engage your audience.

Yes, your PPC manager will be monitoring your advertising campaigns daily. If ads are not performing well, we will pause them and tweak your campaign.

In addition, your pay per click manager will be optimizing your campaign as time progress. In most situations, we are running A/B split tests in your ad campaign. This is the process of testing multiple variations of your ads, and the audiences for the ads. By testing different combinations of ads, we are more likely to identify areas of efficiency.

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