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As time has gone on, organic reach only seems to be getting harder and harder to accomplish. This is why paid advertising has become such a front-runner for many companies in reaching their target audiences and driving results.

There are several different types of paid ads from display advertising and search campaigns, to social media and PPC ads. So, what exactly are the different types of paid advertising? And which ones should you be using for your unique business?

Let’s explore!

What is Display Advertising in Paid Advertising?

Display ads are a form of paid advertising. You’ve likely seen a display ad appear at the top, side, or middle of the web content. They appear on most websites.

When creating display ads, you can use a mix of images and text which makes them a lot more dynamic than search ads. You can use these features to match your marketing strategy and appeal to your audience.

Display ads can properly relate to your targeted audience and entice them to click and make a purchase of your products and services.

When should you use display advertising?

Display ads can be super effective for marketing as they reach more than 90% of people who browse the web. They are also less expensive than search ads because they are more common and have less competition.

If you are looking to use paid advertising on a small budget then display advertising is a great option!

Be mindful that display advertising has been around for a while. This means users have become somewhat used to them and are more likely to ignore them over other types of paid advertising.

Some users even associate display ads with spam because they are so common. Because of this, it will be important to make sure your display ads are showing on the proper platforms. They will need to be in front of the proper audience that is likely in need of your products and services.

What are Search Campaigns in Paid Advertising?

When you put together a search campaign, you will put together a series of search ads within that campaign. Search ads are also a very common form of paid advertising and have to do with keywords.

Paid search ads are linked to keywords and are shown alongside search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). When you enter a keyword or key phrase into a search engine, a search ad is optimized for that word and therefore it pops up.

What are search campaigns best for?

Paid search ads within search campaigns are best for those looking to place an ad directly in front of users. They are users who are already looking for your products or services.

Those users have considered high-quality leads as they are most likely to convert when faced with an ad and help your business to make a sale. Creating search ads is quite simple as they only include text.

While the simplicity of search ads is great, it’s also difficult to stand out on a search engine results page. Without the use of images or typography, it’s important to make search ads catchy and appealing. That way, targeted audiences actually click on them.

Search ads are also best for those who are ok with spending a little more. While pricing can vary on search ads, their cost is based on each click which can add up quickly.

Paid Advertising

What are Paid Social Ads?

Paid social ads are the ads that show up in the feeds of social media users. They are common on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Formatting of a social ad usually consists of both a customized image and copy, along with a link to a company website or product and service offering.

Paid social ads are different from paid search ads in that targeted audiences aren’t necessarily looking for what your ad has to offer. They work to try and solve a problem for their audience and help gain brand awareness.

When should you try out social ads?

Paid social ads are great for those looking to do more traditional forms of digital advertising. They are comparable to ads on TV and billboards.

The great thing about social advertising is you can reach large audiences as there is such a wide range of demographics on social media platforms. You can select these demographics and the reach you would like.

You can also view insights on who has viewed or interacted with your ad. This feature is ideal for understanding how people are responding to what you have to after and making adjustments based on it.

Social ads may not feel as organic to users, but they are certainly a great way to gain brand awareness. The goal is to get targeted audiences to relate to your messaging and then choose your brand because of it.

What are PPC ads?

The last type of ads we’ll discuss are PPC ads. PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’. It is an online advertising system where advertisers sign up to pay each time one of their online ads is clicked on by a user.

When someone chooses to run a paid search ad, they don’t pay for anything until a user actually goes ahead and clicks on their ad.

Marketers will place their PPC ad on an ad platform of their choice and pay that platform each time their ad is clicked on. The intention is for the ad to lead the person who is seeing it to click and visit that marketer’s website.

When should you use PPC ads?

PPC ads are best for those who have the right user experience and information in place on their website. Once a user clicks on a PPC ad the website must be properly set up to direct that user to make a purchase of their products or services.

Those looking to use PPC ads should be flexible as costs can vary greatly among specific needs. They are also a great type of ad as you only pay for what you get a return on. None of your investment is ever gone to waste!

Now the confusing part: PPC ads can come in the form of display ads, search ads, social ads, and more! So, each of the types of paid advertising mentioned thus far is possible to do PPC style.

Get Started with Paid Advertising

Now that you’re knowledgeable about the different types of paid advertising and their different features, you’re ready to get started!

We know implementing paid advertising tactics can be difficult. If you would like help with display advertising, search campaigns, social media ads, or PPC ads, Blue Water Marketing is ready to help. Give us a call today!


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