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We’re the missing piece in a company’s marketing organization; not just a vendor or agency partner, but a part of the team. We only work with the most ambitious marketing experts and data wonks who see our clients’ goals and budgets as our own, using all the tools at our disposal to propose solutions to their aspirations and challenges. 

There’s no greater point of pride than helping their businesses succeed and grow. We’ll look beyond the digital marketing channels we manage directly to find new sources of data and information that will help us get there together.

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We Implement Data-Driven, Scalable Marketing Campaigns

We’re a digital marketing agency, an SEO company, a Social Media Marketing agency, and a PPC company, all at the same place.

Alongside our specialization in search engine optimization services, PPC marketing, and social media marketing services, we focus on growing your business online.

We’re simply focused on getting you the most value for your money at the lowest possible SEO, PPC or FB Ads cost, which in turn helps us become your favorite agency. You can ask our clients!

This Is Our Passion

As a business, we place a huge emphasis on hiring passionate marketers and ensuring they stay that way. We love client-interaction as we believe that our personalities paired with their passion helps ‘bridge-the-gap’ between client goals and the ideas coming from our team.

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We don’t do ‘set it and forget.’ Digital moves fast but our clients move faster. Our ability to evolve our expertise to our client’s changing requirements is why they stay with us for the long haul. In fact, we are still working with our very first client 3 years later.


You will be corresponding with one person
who will know your business inside & out.


We’ve been running ads on Google & Facebook for more than 3 years as a business & individuals on our team, much longer, we know what we’re doing.


We have unprecedented access to data on who’s visiting a site, what actions they are taking, and how they got there. We interpret that data and more to know which ads, targets, and landing pages will drive the best results.

Results Driven

We focus on one aspect, generating leads and getting sales for your business.


Our continuous works with data, content, engagement & competitive research to ensure that we're creating scalable campaigns that will work to continue to grow your business.


We never hide negative results from our clients, instead, we're constantly on the lookout for what we call ‘bad news stories'. We show 100% transparency on what we're doing and the actual impact it's having.

Chris Marrano - chief marketing officer of blue water marketing

Meet The Founder

Christopher Marrano

Christopher Marrano is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Water Marketing (BWM), located in Stuart, Florida. He is responsible for all aspects of Blue Water Marketing’s efforts, including client research, strategy, marketing, branding, and customer communications.

Prior to founding BWM Chris worked at MullenLowe, a Boston based advertising agency, Harvard Business School and EMC. He has managed accounts that included Match.com, MassMutual Life Insurance, LendingTree.com, and Olympus Cameras. 

Chris’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand his client’s market reach.

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