7 Fundamentals That Every Link Building Strategy Needs

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If you’re planning to make progress in search engine optimization (SEO), climbing the rankings of search engines like Google, you need to have a link-building strategy in place. Google ranks websites and individual pages in part based on their “authority” score, a measure of how trustworthy they are. And it measures trustworthiness in large part based on the number and authority of links pointing to a given page.

In other words, without links, your site won’t be seen as trustworthy—and even top-tier content loaded with strategically sound keywords won’t have a chance to rank.

While link building is both complex and time-intensive, it’s an approachable strategy if you’re willing to learn. Like with any business strategy, it’s best to start with the fundamentals, and gradually improve your knowledge in other areas. Make sure to keep reading to learn the 7 Fundamentals That Every Link Building Strategy Needs.

What fundamentals should your new link-building strategy have?

1. Access To A Skilled Team

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It’s technically possible to plan and execute a link-building strategy all on your own, doing the work of finding publishers, writing content, building links, and even measuring your success. But this is extremely inefficient. Instead, it’s better to get access to a team of skilled people.

The easiest route is to work with a link-building SEO agency, which will have access to all the experts you need to pull off a successful strategy—and plenty of experience to do it properly. However, you could also assemble your own team by hiring part-time and full-time workers, and scouting independent contractors to fill in the gaps.

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2. Strong Onsite Content

Much of link building is focused on offsite development, but before you even write your first guest post pitch, it’s important to have strong onsite content in place. All your built links need to point back to your site, and if you want them to stick, the destination pages on your site need to be compelling.

This will not only increase the value of the link but also get new visitors to stick around longer. Try to address common questions and concerns, and provide lots of details and original thoughts in your work.

4. Realistic Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

Link building doesn’t develop overnight. In most cases, it takes a few months of work to start seeing results, and several months beyond that to get a glimpse of link building’s true potential. Accordingly, it’s important for you to set both long-term goals and short-term goals.

Be patient and understanding with the time-intensiveness of the strategy, but keep making incremental progress in areas you can control.

5. Personal Brands To Use As Author Accounts

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It’s best to build links with the help of well-written guest posts on other sites, but if you want to gradually build a reputation and increase your chances of getting work accepted, you’ll need a charismatic personal brand.

If your company doesn’t have one, now’s the time to develop one; choose someone as a figurehead for your business, flesh out their social media profiles, and prepare to write content on their behalf.

6. A Handful Of Initial Publishers Options

Over time, you’ll gain authority and get access to bigger and more powerful publishers, but starting out can be tough.

You’ll need to find a handful of initial publishers, where you can cut your teeth and start making SEO progress. Niche publishers and local publishers are good options, especially if they have a small audience.

They’re not immediately valuable, but they work as great stepping stones for contacting and working with their more prominent, more valuable counterparts.

7. Looking for even more digital marketing tips?

Finally, you’ll need some kind of plan for how to grow your strategy. The first links you build won’t generate much traffic or authority for your site, and the big-time publishers worth tens of thousands of visitors will still be inaccessible to you.

How are you going to close the gap? Make sure you have a list of publishers, a list of goals, and a timeline to direct your growth.

Learning & Adapting

The most important quality of a successful link-building strategy is adaptability. There will be publishers you want, but can’t get. There will be content opportunities you miss, and mistakes you make along the way. And your results likely won’t pan out exactly the way you expect. These are all fine, and most link builders experience them at one point or another.

What’s important is that you learn from your experiences and adjust your strategy accordingly. Only through experimentation, learning, growth, and adaptability will you be able to succeed – and with Blue Water Marketing these are much easier!.

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