5 Powerful Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

facebook video ads

If you ever tried to put together a successful ad campaign, you’ll know that they can be time consuming and difficult when it comes to adjusting targeting elements. Even with ample time and strategy behind your targeting, sometimes the most effective way to engage your audience is through the design of your ad. Today, we’re focusing on the benefits of designing fantastic Facebook video ads. 

Facebook video ads are a great way to transform your message delivery and boost engagement. Video content is a more effective method than text and images in capturing your audience’s attention. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook as a platform.

If you’re interested in learning about how Facebook video ads work, you can learn more about them in our guide to creating and setting up profitable Facebook video ads.  

Exploring the Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

You might be wondering why you should be putting the effort into creating more time-consuming videos. Here, we cover the five main benefits of using video for advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Video Ads Convey More Information

Compared to text and images, Facebook video ads give you more opportunities for success. You can compile a lot more of your important information into one ad. Your potential buyers are looking for specific information. If they have to spend too much time looking for that information, they are likely to lose interest.

Video ads can also help users understand your message in a much more digestible and organized way. You’re also able to more easily control and prioritize the user’s journey through your ad. Otherwise, they’ll decide what order they’ll consume the information. 

Facebook video ads allow you to include everything from price and purchase process to product benefits and results. Video views show you that your audience has seen the information you want them to see. The alternative is just hoping they’ve read it in the copy of your Facebook post. 

Organic Reach on Facebook Has Slowed Down

Getting as many fans as possible on Facebook to like your page and receive your content in their feeds is now a strategy of the past. 

The ability to get organic reach on Facebook has slowed down significantly. This means other methods are necessary in order to advertise effectively on the platform.

If you are investing in paid advertising on Facebook you will want your precious dollars to be met with the most effective content. Facebook video ads are the best way to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and achieve the results you want.

More Engagement

Although this might seem obvious, Facebook video ads are much more engaging than regular text and images.

When a video starts playing on a user’s feed, it’s immediately eye-catching. 

The movement of a video will always get noticed before a still image and is almost always more entertaining.

Video also has more potential to keep your audience’s attention over an image that they are likely to scroll over. The more time that they spend engaged in your content, the more likely they are to move through the marketing funnel and ultimately convert.

By the way, before you set out to create your first Facebook video ads, be sure to check out our video marketing crash course

Better Human Connection

One of the best tactics for content marketing is to make connections that are human to human. It’s important to always remember that you are marketing to humans. With that in mind, you should always try to reach them on a human level.

A better human connection means more of a chance your audience will buy in to your company and the products and services you provide.

Video is a great way to achieve that personal connection and further build your customers’ trust in your brand. It gives you the ability to create a face to face connection which is perceived in a more personal way than an image. 

Video is also a great way to show your products and services in action and give your audience a better idea of what they can expect from you. 

Get a Leg up on the Competition with Facebook Video Ads

Maybe your competitors aren’t using video for their Facebook ads. This is your chance to get ahead and set yourself apart. And if they are using videos in their ads? You won’t want to fall behind by not utilizing this effective strategy.

Use your videos to demonstrate your industry expertise and separate yourself from your competition. Show the great results that are achieved as a result of your products and services. By proving your products and services can be successful, you entice your potential customers to choose YOUR company

Always be sure that your video content is high quality. At the same time, make sure it conveys your information in an engaging way. We talk more about creating remote videos with less effort in this post. Don’t miss it! 

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