Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising

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Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Search engines have become the dominating force behind the business boom on the internet. Google specifically has over 2 trillion search per day in 2018, which accounts for roughly 63,000 searches per second! With that being said, we have created a list of the top reasons on why you should use pay per click advertising.

With that being said, it is becoming more and more difficult for your businesses website to rank on Google for broad keywords such as “restaurant near me” or “pay per click advertising”. Google understands this and they also understand that there is a huge market for the top 3 placements. Therefore, back in October, 2000, Google implemented their Google Adwords options.

Many small businesses feel that Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is too expensive or it won’t result in anything tangible.

I’m here to explain why that is incorrect and to outline the top 10 reasons to why you should use pay per click advertising for your business.

#1 Top Google Placement

Provided that your ad is set up correctly, most of the time, your business’s pay per click ad will show up in the top three spots on the first page of Google.

Many businesses understand the need to have top placements on search engines, which is why some businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO. If you don’t have that kind of budget for organic search traffic and SEO, well PPC is your answer.

The most recent stats who that the majority of people rarely look beyond the top 5 Google results. With that being said, a pay per click campaign will have you in the top placements on Google’s search query for the keywords that you’ve identified as important to your business.

#2 Complete Targeting Options

A PPC campaign that has been created correctly should allow you full targeting options. You have the ability not only to target specific keywords, but also demographics, locations and device such as tablet, mobile or desktop users.

business target imageAdditionally, if the Google Tag Manager has been installed correctly, you will be able to begin generating more detailed information regarding the visitors to your website.

With that information, you have the ability to hone in on your target customer and begin creating personas to identify your customers.

Pay per click advertising allows you, the business owner or advertising company which keywords work best for driving leads and customers to your business.

#3 Immediate Traffic To Your Website

Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest way to generate instant traffic to your website. To get started with a very basic pay per click campaign should only take you a few hours (max). With that being said, be careful with keywords and bid adjustments as your budget could be maxed out within an hour or so.

For new businesses who just launched a website, a pay per click campaign can be implemented to drive instant traffic. A new website will generally have a low Domain Authority resulting in a low organic rank. The pay per click campaign can offset the lack of organic traffic by driving a paid campaign based off of your determined budget.

#4 Fast Results

image of resultsGenerally, when we launch a new pay per click campaign for one of our clients. We hit publish and the results are instant. Most of our clients start out at the #1 position on Google Ads. The image below is a picture of one of our client’s campaigns that we actually launched this morning.

If a campaign is set up correctly, your positioning will be excellent. The goal is to identify the top keywords for your business. With those keywords, you know that you’re paying for people to visit your site who are already interested in your product or service. Also, Google provides you with a detail of estimated CPC or cost-per-click. With that information, you will be able to estimate how many clicks you will receive per day. The goal is to spend as little money as possible but still generate leads and increase your brand awareness.

#5 Budget Allocation

scalable budget imagePay Per Click is a scary term! Many business owners believe that they have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to provide results. For some National businesses, that is true. Although, for local business, with a niche market, your budget can be $500/mo. to start, maybe even less!

It all depends on how expensive your keywords are and what your margins look like. For example, Insurance companies in major metro areas have the highest keyword cost at $54.91 per click! Attorney’s also have a very high CPC at $47.

If you have a local business, the CPC is generally significantly lower than a major metro. This will help you generate leads and results for your business.

scalable growth chart#6 Pay Per Click Advertising Is Scalable

Google Ads is very scalable if it is set up correctly and tracked in accordance with the leads and conversions. An effective campaign can generate a number of leads over the duration of the campaign. With the influx of leads that your business will generate, you can increase your budget to generate even more leads. Of course, Google turns your ads off each when your maximum budget has been reached for the day. Now, imagine if you’re receiving 30 clicks per day and generating 2 conversions daily. Well, wouldn’t you want to increase your spend to generate 4 or 6 conversions per day? That’s what is great about Google Ads, you can do that!

#7 Pay Per Click Advertising Is Trackable

When creating a Google Pay Per Click campaign, they issue a few different tags for your website or landing page. A Google tag is automatically created so that you can track every single user that is driven to your website from a Google Ad.

The next important factor in tracking all of your conversions is ensuring that you set up an event snippet for your thank you page. An event snippet is a triggered event that indicates to Google when a user submits a call-to-action. Without an event snippet installed in your header tag, Google won’t necessarily be able to track form submissions. (There is a different way, but this is the most effective & easiest way to track conversions).

From the user interaction, you can link your Google Analytics account to your Ads account and begin tracking your conversion funnels. Once you have identified a certain goal flow, you can track which keywords have been driving the most conversions, helping to justify certain bid adjustments.

#8 Keyword Flexibility

Google Ads provides you with many different options for selecting keywords. Once you have identified the most important keywords and placed them in the correct adgroup, you can set match types.

Match types will help Google identify when your ad will appear to various keywords. There are a number of different options for keyword match types…

  • Exact Match

    • Exact match will only show your ad if it is exactly as you have it written. Ie. [restaurant near me]. With an exact match for restaurant near me, your ad wouldn’t show up if someone search seafood restaurant near me.
  • Broad Match

    • A more broad approach to keywords and ads. My suggestion is to stay clear from this one if you have a tight budget.
  • Modified Broad Match

    • This can be good in the beginning of a campaign to determine how people are searching and various keyword options.
  • Phrase Match

    • Phrase match is a more specific modified broad. It’s great for long-tail keywords that really can only be used one way. For example, ‘seafood restaurant near me’ would be a great phrase match.

All-in-all, Google Ads accounts for 97% of their revenue, generating almost $100 million per day! This revenue is so high that you can’t argue the fact that Google Ads works for any type of business, provided it is set up correctly. 

Many times, we hear people say that they don’t think people click on Ads and that it’s better to have organic growth. I only half agree with those people. Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time to increase your rankings. This IS important, but keeping the doors open for your business is more important.

Google Ads provides businesses to get on the top of Google and begin generating traffic and leads almost instantly for any business. Of course, there are some industries that have higher competition, making it more difficult. Although, for the smaller, more local businesses, Google Ads will get your business on the top of the page and result in leads, in turn providing you with quicker revenue than an SEO campaign.

If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising, click here or contact us below!

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