What Is SEO Really? (Video)

Our Quick SEO Explainatory (Video)

We’re in the business or helping businesses. We hear all the time that small businesses have gotten taken advantage of with local SEO scams. When companies call us, we get asked all of the time….

What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

There are so many companies that call us trying to verify that we’re a legitimate company. To their defense, it’s because they, in the past have been scammed by an ‘SEO’ company. 

I wanted to create a video that would explain the nature of SEO and what it takes to get ranked on the top of Google. We want to try to bring a level of awareness to small, local businesses so that they don’t get scammed by some of these call centers.

We’ve outlined a number of questions that you should ask when you receive a phone call about SEO. This explanatory video will help you better understand SEO. As well as provide you a defense when you’re getting taken advantage of.
Check out the video below for a simple explanation and tutorial so that you will better understand SEO.

If you like my video, don’t worry, many more will be coming out!

If you have any additional questions, please comment below and we’ll help answer them. Also, if you have any questions about digital marketing and would like to see a video, leave a comment and we’ll create a video for you.

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Chris Marrano
Owner & CMO
Blue Water Marketing
Stuart, FL

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Chris Marrano

Chris Marrano

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