Weight Loss Coaching Marketing Results

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach/Course Marketing Results

Jennifer Powter, founder of The Weight Loss Academy and best-selling author of Diet Disruption, is a clinical exercise physiologist, a double-certified health and life coach. Jennifer contacted BWM to help increase the number of leads to her weight loss academy, a high-ticket course with a $5k & $10k price point.


Jennifer Powter & her team reached out to Blue Water Marketing to help create a paid advertising plan to increase the amount of qualified leads to her high-ticket coaching course. 

Jennifer had already built an amazing organic following through her private Facebook group, YouTube channel & best-selling books, but knew there were more women who she could help. 

Our brief consisted of a need for the following…

  • Accurately track new leads and integrate tracking into the existing Kajabi email funnel
  • Increase paid leads from Google Ads with an effective cost per lead
  • Increase organic traffic via blogs & keyword research
  • Build brand awareness through long form content

Our Solution

When we began working with Jennifer, she had very specific goals for her weight loss coaching business. She wanted to reach a wide audience of potential clients, and she wanted to do so in a way that was both effective and cost-efficient. 

To that end, we embarked on a detailed research process, exploring the weight loss coaching industry and identifying specific audiences that we believed would be a good match for Jennifer’s target market. We used various tools to create a framework for our Google Ads strategy, and through testing and refinement, we were ultimately able to develop an approach that met Jennifer’s goals and delivered impressive results.

Google Ads

  • Created multiple Google Ads campaigns with various ad groups, segmenting traffic to various funnels. 
  • Utilized multiple call to actions depending on which keyword triggered the search.

Content Marketing

  • Established various topic silos to increase organic traffic with long-form content that resonates with the target audience & ranks on the first page & drives organic traffic.
Cost Per Lead
$ 0
Conversion Rate
0 %
Cost Per Click
$ 0

The Results

BWM increased organic rankings and widened Neuvana’s organic search landscape. Focusing on generating brand awareness & solving problems for their target personas, we increased organic sales by 202% and organic traffic by 635% since 2020. Our social media marketing efforts were not disappointing either. The social media conversion increase of 354% brought in a significant amount of purchases & data, helping to identify the demographic information that later helped them establish successful buyer personas for the future. For the content marketing efforts, we wrote effective long-form content that ranked on Google with multiple 1st-page results that positioned the company to the right target markets, while the new website provided the perfect opportunities to sell their products at various stages of the buyer journey.

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