Web Design Trends For 2019

the future of web design

The Future Of Web Design

In case you haven’t noticed, 2019 is shaping up to be the most exciting and transformational year in the world of web design. The bells are signaling that it’s time to make a move on picking a web design company for your business. We’re here to explain what the future of web design looks like moving forward.

Within the short span of the past few months, how we use technology has changed just as abruptly as the hardware itself.

Artificial Intelligence

First of all, AI is here! And it is undeniably here to stay. Our uses for it will only grow and we will be dependent on it before we even realize. Think about it…we witnessed the death of what future generations will regard as the first epoch of human development, the pre-AI era! 

AI web design

Our prior way of existing has been utterly erased, slipping right past us into oblivion without letting go so much as a whisper. We are indeed standing on a precipice and how we decide to use the new powers readily at our disposal will become the fate of our civilization.

Now, can you feel that this is going to be an exhilarating year for web design companies? According to Readwrite, web design “near me” service providers that market small businesses will witness the unrestricted metamorphosis of their trade.

The current changes of industry-wide, technological advancements is unprecedented. It is impossible to speculate what the near future of digital marketing and web design will entail since the ways consumers interact with tech to reach local companies is still unfolding and unlikely to settle anytime soon. 

As a web design company for businesses, this time is a gift. Creativity, now more than ever, is encouraged and has the greatest profit potential when applied to digital marketing.

Abstract Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

image optimization made easier

You may be wondering what happened to incite so much excitement. Why is coloring outside the lines now okay for web designers? For the first time, actual appealing design aesthetic and search engine ranking algorithms are aligned in their values.

Effective digital marketing is the purpose for creating and maintaining a website. Prior to these changes, the best search engine optimization practices were confined by a website’s design. When Google revamped its algorithm – reaffirming that the search engine’s primary goal is to serve the user- the importance of quality and value was shifted across the board. Destroying the shortcuts that companies could use to avoid the rigor that are inherent in quality marketing tactics, brought honesty back to marketing.

Companies can no longer hide behind fluff and filler and expect results to index well, they actually have put effort into developing a product their customers consider valuable.

Creative Web Design

Luckily for businesses looking for web design companies, consumers want creative inspiration, not the limitation of something creative that web design has long been relegated to. Fortunately, now that content is more organic, design can follow suit. Old web design was a complete contradiction. It was rigid, simple, empty, and made to be mass-produced and anything but visually appealing.

a smiling baby

Given the state of web design, the new strides soon to be made in the field are even more appreciable. Try not to be completely overwhelmed with enthusiasm about the opportunities to explore, create, learn, and challenge your web design & digital marketing potential. Brace yourself for design that immerses the user in an interactive platform, so they feel as if they are having an experience with your company.

Movement is en vogue for web design companies in 2019. Web design is used to tell a unique and compelling story about the brand. Companies are taking marketing more serious than ever before. They are employing tactics that will leave a lasting positive impression on the consumer. According to Bowen Media, Businesses are emphasizing the importance of having something that makes them stand apart from their competitors. Unique web design is a quick fix. 

If you’re having trouble visualizing design that can simulate a real experience, fear not. Web design industry leaders have done the heavy lifting for us by delineating design elements. Here are some of the elements we can expect the next-generation, top-of-the-line web designs to blend together with seeming effortlessness.

The Web Design Trinity

digital planning and simplification

Three core elements of cutting-edge website design are creative 

  • copywriting
  • subtle background video, 
  • clear product imagery.

This trinity stimulates the feel of experiencing. The novelty of content grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression that calls upon the user to open their imagination. 

Subtle background video sets the overall tone and helps blur the edges of between physical and envisioned reality. 

3D illustrations are becoming increasingly popular, as a result of the commonly held perception that they are a convincing rendition of the real world and help suspend an audience’s level of disbelief. Clear product imagery grounds the experience and unambiguously directs consumer action toward a purchase.

Home Page Design

Anushka Facials

Homepages will be slightly dismantled and reconstructed in order to serve as useful interactive landscapes. They must be a company’s best foot forward and avoid visually-jarring images and odious burden of clutter.

A consumer-friendly homepage is one that immediately presents relevant information. Some companies are making their navigation tools bigger. It’s a straightforward solution to helping visitors find what they are looking for.

Detailed, informative content should be located on other pages. Subtle distinctions should be made between icons. All these attributes signal cohesion, and an easily-navigable, interactive platform are web design techniques that tell customers they are dealing with an organization that has their stuff together.

Website designers are upping visual interest by overlapping layers. This adds to the apparent volume on a page and is interesting to audiences since it requires a bit more thought to break down all the component parts. Nature icons and imagery are a top pick for many companies. Although innocuous and associated with a positive appraisal of a given company, it will do little to distinguish your company from others.

What's This All Mean?

In summary, this next year of web design will implement wholesome, honest marketing strategy and amplify it’s potential by making use of every technological and informative advantage we have developed to date. 

It’s akin maintaining order by riding a ancient roman chariot through the middle of town, while brandishing an electromagnetic pulse gun; old concepts, coupled with sophisticated tools, to produce an outcome we have yet to clearly outline. 

For the first time in a long time, an informative discussion of web design outside of the context of its supporting role in search engine optimization can take place. The intrinsic value of design as an agent of inspiration and an effective tool with the power to induce others toward performing a given action can be realized. 

The way we are presented with information can inform sour beliefs and manipulating an aesthetic is marketing technique in its own right. Since, being forced the wayside and judged as a comparatively inefficacious strategy, marketers have forgotten how to leverage the full potential of web design. 

So, rejoice ye creative souls! We can once again design our way to better marketing solutions.

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