The Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing 2019

internet marketing 2019

Internet Marketing, more aptly called digital marketing, is important in this overly saturated market to stay up to date on trends. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be frequently revised and updated to stay successful.

2019 will be an interesting year for digital marketers. As technology continues to evolve, staying current with the latest trends is what will ensure you are having successful marketing tactics. Revisiting current marketing campaigns on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis will help maintain their success. Knowing what is popular and how your competition is reaching their consumers will only assist in growing your revenue.          

2019 will not be full of brand-new marketing strategies but instead will provide new twists on old trends. Some trends that were new in years past are poised to only grow more popular.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to improve marketing

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize marketing tactics. We can already see its application in customer experience, personalization, and analytics. AI can turn out to be the secret weapon of your marketing strategy in 2019.

Personalization will be more important than ever, with customers expecting a great shopping experience from their favorite brands. Making AI the link between the brand and the customer. In fact, the AI industry is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Trends like Google’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri will help answer questions and find information quickly.

Voice Search For SEO

Voice technology has seen an increase in adoption rate year over year and it will become even more popular in 2019. Consumers are ready to spend more time on voice technology. Marketers need to understand how to benefit from this growing trend.

voice search for seoThere are new types of conversational content and promotions that marketers need to involve in their digital marketing strategy. This differs from other promotional methods, you’ll need to start exploring how to create more conversational content. It’s not enough anymore to think of keywords and marketing terms. Voice search is about knowing what consumers want and how they would use a voice assistant.

Another form of AI that is gaining popularity is Chatbots. Chatbot marketing is a marketing automation practice that is still new to digital marketing. Chatbots have so much potential and have received enough attention in 2018 to make it a powerhouse in 2019.

Chatbots are simply bots that can hold conversations with customers when the business owner is not available. This AI is designed to answer the most common questions that might be asked based on the business. This function is useful for new visitors to the site, as they can simply ask what they need, any time of day.

Similarly, augmented reality is reaching a stage where it’s taken more seriously in terms of practical application. Companies are realizing that AR can help them create an experience that can boost their brand messaging. It is already used across many different industries and consumers are ready to use it more. Brands can introduce AR to their marketing strategies to help raise awareness or to tell a story. Overall, this will improve the customer experience through better engagement.

Marketing Automation

marketing automation 2019

Marketing automation is the fabric that is wiggling its way throughout the digital marketing industry. Automation has crept its way into every strategy for marketing. Automation provides a new way for companies to grow relationships with prospects.

Marketing automation is a strategy in and of itself. When you make the decision to place your focus on automated systems, it becomes a large part of everything that you do. Marketing automation has grown rapidly in recent years and has shown no signs of slowing down in 2019.

Data-driven marketing

digital marketing and the world wide web

Many successful marketing strategies rely on data to justify their tactics. The more channels and platforms we are using, the bigger the access to data. You should be familiar with Google Analytics, but there is also Facebook and Instagram business analytics and many more.

Using multiple platforms brings out the challenge of bringing it all that information together and finding the right tools to use. Blue Water Marketing can be the solution if you find yourself overwhelmed and challenged. They can handle your digital marketing, and measure and analyze your campaigns and keep you abreast of top performers.

A data-driven marketing strategy can help you learn more about your audience leading to improving your tactics and your future campaigns. Using data to analyze your marketing efforts will help to increase your businesses overall conversion rates.

Content Marketing

social media posting

Content marketing has become one of the leaders, if not the leader in online marketing in 2019. Content is the creation of blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. This content can be created to describe or showcase your product or service. It is used to show your customer your product and help to build a level of trust.

Other than the benefits to your customer, content marketing also helps with search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Use keyword research when creating your content to help rank better on SERPs.

Additionally, many people incorporate their content into their paid advertising, their Google Adwords pay per click or Facebook ads. The ideal use for these is with e-books or webinars.

With content marketing, you need to establish the best way to get people to view your content. Our belief is that both Google ranking on SERPs and Social Media are the most effective.

Social Media Marketing

users and subscribers all over the world

Social Media Stories make the next big trend in digital marketing. They are already engaging enough to encourage more marketers to try them out and they will continue to be popular throughout 2019.

Mobile users find vertical content is more appealing and Stories take over most social networks. Instagram being the most popular platform to use them, there are more than 400 million active Stories users every month! Not only users, but the engagement in Stories is increasing more active compared to the social feeds.

Brands are using Stories to prove their authenticity. With internet marketing, businesses now have the ability to showcase behind the scenes content, fun polls, countdowns or engaging videos. Stories, unlike videos, do not require the help of a creative professional. However, you will still need to be strategic, and keep the message clear and conscious.

Trying to keep up to pace with the rapidly changing digital marketing trends can be difficult. Every year there are new strategies and trends that businesses can benefit from and help them stay ahead of the competition. Marketers do need to keep a close eye on trends and adopt the new strategies that make sense for their business. In 2019, we see not only new trends but also strategies that have been consistently there for the past few years.

Video Marketing

Video consumption is not going anywhere, and it is not expected to slow down either. Social media platforms continue to invest in video content.

Like any marketing campaign, you will have to spend time working on video campaigns. Your audience does not want to watch a video if there is no clear objective. Take time to write down key points, objectives, and important content you want to address. Know your target audience; bite-sized videos work for social media and you can post longer videos on your business website.

After watching a product video, users are more likely to buy that product. Watching online videos have become more ingrained in our cultures. Every single day over 100 million hours of video content is watched on Facebook.

As we talked about staying on trend, Instagram has developed a new platform for consumers to watch longer videos. IGTV is still in its infancy but is a great opportunity to beat the competition before it gets too saturated.

Using videos in ads are also another trend, either used to increase awareness or even to drive conversions. Consumers will primarily use video ads to find out more about brands or products prior to making a purchase. 

Marketers need to optimize videos for mobile users. Using it as a call-to-action, the videos need to be clear but not off-putting. Focus on creating appealing videos that engage the viewers to keep watching.

digital marketing yearly roadmap

In 2019, we’ll see video marketing continue to grow rapidly. It’s just too valuable for companies with the budget and means to produce a professional video to ignore. There is a long road ahead to stay on track in 2019, but we hope that this guide will help you along that road.

If reading this article caused you to rethink how you do internet marketing in 2019, you’re not alone. Blue Water Marketing has a team that can assist you to stay on point as new marketing trends surface. We are here to help so you don’t miss an opportunity to gain more revenue and clients.

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