5 Social Media Trends in 2019

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5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019

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Social media marketing is constantly evolving, constantly bringing about changing ideas, trends and mostly unspoken rules. Most changes are not sudden but instead a gradual change that is typically predictable.

In this blog, I’ll go through the intended social media marketing trends expected for 2019. While some of them already moving into domination, many are slowly making their entrance. Some changes are expected to make a huge impact in the coming year.

Here are the top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019.

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  1. Social Listening

Social listening or better known as social monitoring is the act of constantly scanning the internet and social media platforms to find all mentions of a brand or relevant key words. This doesn’t just include the tagged mentions, but also untagged brand mentions on social media channels. In reference to keywords, scanning the web for those words that signal an interest in a product, mentions in blogs, forums and new sites as well as so many others.

While using social listening for these two scenarios is expected to become even larger in the coming year, it’s the social listening for lead generation and social selling that will be the biggest change. At this point, only a small number of brands are doing this, however, this number continues to rise as more and more marketers discover they can find potential customers looking for the exact services they offer on social media.

Marketing companies have access to many tools that are introducing specific features designed for lead generation.

People tend to share their frustrations, ideas and recommendations on social media platforms. For marketers, this is a golden opportunity to engage with the potential opportunities.

With the new year only around the corner, now is the time to start social listening.

  1. youtube video on phoneVideo Content

Video content continues to grow in popularity and will continue to do so in 2019. In fact, in 2019 video content is expected to dominate social media channels. 80% of what we consume online is expected to be video content by the end of next year.

Live videos are really taking the stage. While videos have always been popular on YouTube, the coming trend is now taking over other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to the point we receive live video notifications!

The authentic nature of live videos seems to make them the most attractive to viewers. It is hard to hide the truth when filming a live video. Live videos increase the trust and relevance of a brand and this is definitely one trend you won’t want to ignore.

It should go without saying that you to have to be exciting as well as engaging. Just as you would with any other form of content such as a blog.social media platforms

  1. Micro Influencers

Over the past few years, social media influencers have taken over the stage. There are now things such as Instagram stars, Twitter influencers and YouTube millionaires! There individuals have millions of followers that are fascinated with every post, video or tweet. These forms of content are seen by more viewers than TC ad makers could ever dream of. It was a great advancement when the power of social media influencers became so clear.

However, as the number of these influencers has grown over the years, the prices for their services have also grown. This has caused businesses to look for alternatives influencers options such as micro-influencers.

 Unlike major social media influencers, micro influencers are available for every industry. Micro-influencers typically have around 10,000 followers but most of those followers are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Most would say these micro-influencers are experts in their fields.

These smaller influencers are not so frequently targeted that they are trustworthy individuals and mostly down to earth. Their potential for marketing benefits will be recognized in the social media marketing trends of 2019.

  1. Personalization

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With all of the constant information flooding the internet, consumers are quick to crave the knowledge of the individual behind the information. This change has enhanced the ability of personalization across social media platforms, and in turn, has increased the expectations of personalization from customers.

Every piece of content from emails to product interests can be based on the consumers search history, scary but true! Netflix offers you shows to watch based on previously watched movies and shows. Groupon provides you updates on deals for items related to previously searched Groupons and Amazon, don’t even get me started. This is all before you even think about Google and Facebook – they know us better than we know ourselves and use this information to personalize your experience.

While personalized marketing can feel unsettling (especially when you think about all the information other business have about you), it’s also convenient for the user. Your customers are not likely to give up the benefits any time in the near future.

As much as 96% of marketers believe that the personalized touch advances the customer relationship 2-fold. Customers may worry about the potential privacy risks, but they still appreciate the suggested business or product when they have been looking around for exactly that.small clock with hand

  1. Timeliness

The most immediate social media trend is real-time communication. There is nothing worse than having the accessibility to a company through comments and messages and then being sent the message someone will be back with you shortly. The social media trend making the biggest impact is the 24/7 customer service, real-time social selling, constant monitoring and of course, chatbots.

This is because social media never sleeps – take it from a social media marketer, I receive messages and notifications around that clock that need to be addressed immediately. Customers seem to never sleep, they continue to ask questions, review products and talk about them on social media channels. This trend has been happening for quite a while but finally technology has caught up! Marketers now have the tools to look for things like mentions of a brand in real time, tools that schedule out content to be posted and chatbots to help immediately.

In 2019, consumers are projected to expect immediate responses on Twitter but don’t worry, we have the tools to respond promptly with product offers and solutions to problems. It’s the world we live in, people expect immediate results, they do not want to wait.


As the Social Media Account Manager at Blue Water Marketing, I can’t wait for these trends to take place in 2019. These social media trends will continue to make a significant impact on marketing efforts and will require marketers to continue to learn the unspoken changes. However, new tools and feature options will allow for ease in trend advancements including new ways to connect and convert action to real time responses.


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