Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

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Determining What Is Best For You

Running a small or medium sized business already comes with a lot of work for yourself. Chances are you’re asking yourself if you should hire a digital marketing agency versus in-house marketing team. Before deciding which avenue to take, you have to have all the facts about what it truly takes to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Marketing Knowledge

Running a small or medium sized business already comes with a lot of work for yourself. Chances are you’re asking yourself if you should hire a digital marketing agency versus in-house marketing team. Before deciding which avenue to take, you have to have all the facts about what it truly takes to run a successful digital marketing campaign.


When starting a digital marketing campaign, you will need to document all the systems, processes, and workflows that go into completing each specific step. That will mean having a structured system to follow when you create a blog post, running a PR campaign, running a social media promotion, having a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or other digital marketing campaigns.

mailchimp digital marketing tool


There are several tools that you, as a business owner, would have to acquire to make sure to run a successful marketing campaign from start to finish.

A few email marketing tools that you should look into are MailChimp or Drip. In order to know if your campaign is successful, you will need to use analytics tools. A few that are well know are Google Analytics, SEMrush or KISSmetrics. There are so many other tools that you can use, most do provide a free trial period to see if the product would work for your needs. Using tools will help you accomplish your key task and achieve your goals more efficiently.

If you run your Ads through Google Analytics and have a low click-through rate, then you might need to think about well your Ads is written or who the Ads are targeting. If you do not know how the Ads are performing, you are wasting your time and more importantly money on ineffective ads.


There are several important skills when it comes to inbound marketing: patience and consistency. Noticeable results only come in after several months and the most successful companies have been consistently running digital marketing campaigns over the course of many years.


It’s easy to write blog posts, but writing quality content that your target audience will love to read takes more insight. You will need to do research on keywords, long-tail keywords, and negative keywords, which can be time-consuming.

You will want to use those keywords to create new content. Sometimes having low engagement with customers comes because of your in-house marketing team not having the time or experience to create engaging blog articles.

If your blog traffic is low or is not increasing conversions it means that you are not getting enough views. You might also be hitting the wrong audience, which is far worse.

The same concept goes with social media engagement. Low engagement with customers on social media could be a sign your customers are not feeling connected to your product. They are not seeing how the product or services impact their lives.

An expert in content marketing or SEO specialist can help you find the right topics and phrases that will increase click-through rate, time on page as well as conversion.

Early Success

It might not seem necessary to hire a digital marketing agency because you have a great product and a perfect product-market fit. You also have a group of users who love your product and the word through their social network. Maybe you got lucky and get picked up by Product Hunt or TechCrunch.

However, as the novelty of your product wears off and your growth starts plateauing, you start scrambling together some marketing efforts. As growth happens naturally in the beginning, most companies do not pinpoint the underlying reasons for the growth. Their marketing falls short when it matters.

This is sometimes too late to start marketing your product. You need to have a marketing campaign throughout the growth of your market share.

digital marketing expert


You should make sure that you have experience designing and running some portion of inbound marketing campaigns. Or hire an in-house team that has the experience.

It’s not easy to publish high-quality content that your audience values consistently or document rock-solid processes that keep your systems on track. It will take time even with an in-house marketing team. However, hiring an agency can help you avoid the cost of getting yourself and your team up to speed. It will also help avoid getting sidetracked from other important things you have to do in business (like closing deals or getting investors).

If you decide to hire an agency team, you’ll have a team of experts who work for you every single month. You won’t have to worry about the digital marketing campaign’s little details. You have several options as to how much you want them to take under and how much you want to keep in-house.

If you don’t want to assemble your own content team, some digital marketing agencies offer content creation. You’ll have more people working for you to get the results you want.

However, one downside is that you would not be able to oversee every detail. You would not have the control of the day to day aspects. Due to the nature of the work, you have to be prepared that the relationship between y our company and the digital marketing company might not work out. This is why it is important to choose an agency that also vets you as a client. Ensuring that the relationship will be a successful one for both parties.

Although you might think it is expensive to hire an agency, the reality is it often more expensive to hire and train a team of in-house digital marketers.

When starting out with an in-house marketing team, it is common that team members will have to wear different hats to cover every aspect of the business. This does eventually become a problem when every person is a jack of all trades and no one is specialized in one aspect.

You will reach a point when marketing will require full-time attention and will not be able to be divided up teams marketing task with other responsibilities. You will need to have a specialist that is able to focus solely on the marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns are complex, entailing inbound and outbound efforts: email marketing, web design, ad placement and optimization, SEO and blog management as well as social media management. Given all the tasks involved having one person is not enough.

If you decide to assemble an in-house team you should start with only the key roles. Make sure to choose talented, dedicated people and fill in your team empty positions laters. It is better to hire slowly rather than eventually having to let a team member go.

The four crucial roles that you should have in your internal marketing team:

digital marketing experience

  • Marketing Manager who is responsible for the overall marketing strategy. They will put together a tactical plan for achieving the long-term visions for the brand, deciding on channels to prioritize, lead generation strategies, and ways to maximize profits. They would also be able to assist in hiring other key positions.

content marketing company & writer

seo company & analytics

  • SEO and Analytics Expert will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your inbound marketing efforts. If you don’t have someone who’s an expert on Search, you’ll have killer marketing campaigns and a blog that gets zero traffic. They should be able to read and understand various programs and analytical data.

Because each person will be compensated and earn a salary, manpower will inevitably be constrained your budget. Even a small in-house team can accomplish a hefty amount. They have access to important company data, the daily discussions about company strengths and opportunities, accomplishments and preferences that outside agencies are not privy too.

The Benefits of In-House Digital Marketing

marketing companuyIn-house marketing teams have a distinct advantage of outside agencies given the fact they know the company inside and out. This knowledge can be very effective at producing a successful marketing campaign.

  1. Product Expertise

Having an in-house marketing team allows them to interact with other departments, allowing them to become a potential expert on your product or services. Learning the minute details of how a product works from the development team will increase their ability to produce amazing marketing campaigns.

Marketers will learn the history and current trajectory of the roadmap of the company. They will be able to build a long-term marketing strategy on point with your company’s vision.

  1. Access to Company’s Culture

Consumers are immune to the gimmicky tactics of the past and look for the authenticity of brands they invest it. Agencies are limited by their outside perspective and can take a long time to get to know your company culture if they ever capture it at all.

An in-house team would be immersed in the company’s culture and understand what the company would want to project in any campaigns.

  1. Alignment Across All Marketing Efforts

Having an in-house marketing team will help online across all the marketing efforts. You need email marketing, web design, and ads that fit together and work towards one goal.

Everything from design assets to the language surrounding the product of the messages on all channels will be consistent when using an in-house marketing team. And the in-house marketing team can communicate in the line at any time because every time number is just a shoulder type away.

Having daily and weekly interactions and meetings Will only continue to strengthen the marketing strategy across all outlets. If you decide to choose an agency rather than an in-house team and will be hotter to master this online unless you have someone in house coordinating the efforts with the web design agency, the ad agency, and the content marketing agency that you potentially will hire.

Without some form of coordination, you would be wasting time having to redo campaigns that aren’t targeted toward your audience.

social media marketing

Tying It Together

Before you decide on whether to hire a marketing agency or to do your own in house marketing, make sure you understand what goes into successful inbound marketing campaigns.

Before deciding, either way, you should be able to do answer the following:

  • Understand your target market at a deep level
  • Understand the tools you will need to use to keep things efficient
  • Stay consistent with marketing efforts
  • Know it will take months to see results
  • Produce high-quality content, following Google Search Engine Ranking
  • Have experience running inbound campaigns


If you have doubts about your ability to generate ROI through a marketing campaign or the time involved in producing a high ROI campaign you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies can handle the systems, processes and the workflow that is involved in running digital marketing campaigns from beginning to end. They have structured processes to follow when creating blog posts, social media promotions, PPC campaigns and more.

To get the most out of agency work, you will need to decide which marketing efforts you’re going to hire an agency to complete or what you’re going to use the in-house marketing team for.

There are several different agencies that you can choose from:

  • Digital marketing agencies specialize in outbound marketing. They can handle results driven, measurable marketing, and focus on the generation, conversions, and maximizing your ROI. They will work with you to determine your buyer personas and the best avenues and outlets to target that Personna.
  • The content marketing agency specializes in inbound marketing. While this is an area that is sometimes covered by digital marketing agencies, it’s better to find an agency who has experience here. In a time when content is king, content marketing is the only marketing left. It is crucial to have a strong content team.
  • PR agencies will deal with spreading the word about your brand they typically have a lot of connections and will get your brand placed in various media outlets. If you’re still in the early stages of your startup, this type of promotion is not recommended since you don’t have a story to tell yet or this ability to handle too much publicity.
  • An advertising agency works on exposure to your brand. They will find placements on websites, social media, billboards, print, radio, and TV. They will measure the ROI on each of the campaigns, and then adjust and improve over time based on the analytics
  • A design agency focuses mainly on web design but often includes additional services such as content management systems and building basic mobile apps.

If you are still in the start-up stage of your business and you don’t have anyone on your team with Mark and experience, a digital marketing agency is a great place to start. They can help you pin down your potential target audience and learn about the most effective marketing channels for your brand.

If your team already has marketing experience, you can outsource more precise projects, such as web design or content marketing, to build on top of what your team has already created or have in the works.

When you start looking for an agency there are several things to keep in mind. We dive further into hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, but a short list to think about:

  • Define your marketing requirements prior to looking for agencies.
  • Be careful about hiring marketing agencies from overseas.
  • Check out how the agency runs its own business.
  • Know what metrics they value most.
  • You get what you pay for- low cost does not mean better value
  • Look up potential agencies on the BBB or review online.

Making Your Decision

You should not be basing your decision on cost alone. Whether to outsource your marketing efforts or hire an in-house marketing team, it is important to weigh all aspects of the decision. Success and growth is the life of your business, so when it comes to choosing your marketing team, you need to make the decision based on data and solid information.

Investing in marketing is investing in your company’s future. It is the engine that will ensure that the right people get connected to your brand, sign up for your product, and then develop loyalty that makes them stick around and brings others to your brand.

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