How To Use Keywords To Maximize PPC Marketing

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Use Keywords To Maximize PPC Marketing

Google produces millions of search results for any given search query, so getting ranked among the top three Google search results becomes more competitive by the day. But 41 percent of clicks go to the first three Google search results. This means that anyone ranked lower than the first five results is missing the chance to drive traffic, and potential customers, to their site. For local business owners or start-ups without a Pay Per Click management plan, this can make it impossible to develop a strong online presence.

Fortunately, Google Ads Pay Per Click Marketing allows any company to have their advertisements ranked at the top of the search results, as long as you have a budget, a game plan and good standing (otherwise known as the “quality” of your ads). Since consumers are 50 percent more likely to purchase something after clicking on a Pay Per Click ad than an organic ad, smaller companies or those with a smaller budget have a competitive chance. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Working with a Pay Per Click company to develop a strategy and budget is the best way to maximize results.

But did you know that the quality of your ad can affect how much you pay per click? A quality score is Google’s way of ranking your ad based on the relevance of your keywords and the quality of your landing page (in other words, whether your ad truly reflects what you’re selling, or if it’s more like clickbait). In addition to boosting the quality of your PPC ads, using strong keywords to reach your target audience is the best way to guarantee the right searchers find your product—meaning more conversions.

If you’re ready to expand your online presence and customer base, here’s what you should be doing.

1. Know How keywords Play An Important Role In PPC

One of the most important steps in PPC marketing is to choose the right keywords for the Google Ad auction. A common mistake is for a company to bid on broad or general keywords that encompass any possible search query for their product or service. 

PPC Google adwords

 This can waste your valuable dollars in the long run, especially when you’re just starting out with Pay Per Click marketing.

If you’re unsure of where to begin when choosing your keywords, or if your current keywords are not producing great results, it’s time to reconsider what words you’re using, and why.

The keywords you bid on for Google Ads, for instance, are not necessarily the search queries your customers are going to search for. Someone searching for running shoes could be led to a Nike ad by a number of search queries, including “sneakers,” “best running shoes,” “women’s sneakers,” and “Nike most popular running shoes.” There’s no need to settle with just the generic “sneakers” keywords. In fact, using keywords with a higher search volume not only costs more money, but produces much lower targeted results for businesses on a smaller budget.

However, by choosing the right keywords, it is much more likely your website or ad will rank higher when someone searches a relevant query. At Blue Water Marketing, we begin by researching the volume for various keywords associate with your target audience, including long-tail keywords, and develop a strategy for the most cost-effective campaign for your needs.

2. Optimize Keywords And SEO For Voice Search

voice search for PPC marketing

The PPC trend at the moment is to use long-tail keywords. Because of the increasing use of voice search, Google and other search engines are better at responding to longer, more specific search queries that match the way people speak, rather than type.

We can help you take advantage of that by defining longer keywords that incorporate more specific details.

For example, if your product is PPC marketing, rather than just having the typical “PPC marketing,” “PPC company,” and “digital marketing” keywords, it might serve you better to focus on long-tail keywords such as:

  • “Local PPC marketing agency”
  • “PPC company near Stuart, FL.”
  • “PPC company for small businesses on a budget”

It can be difficult to commit to long-tail keywords because, by nature, they are very specific. But that is also why they produce better results in the long run. Because the search volume for longer, more specific keywords is often a fraction of what it would be for the broader keywords, it means your ad is likely to place much higher and reach the people who need it most.

But it doesn’t end there.

3. Continue to analyze growth and opportunities

Google PPC analytics

If you’re using Google Ads, you can use the search report to see what recent search queries resulted in your ad being triggered. By analyzing the search queries, you might find a pattern that can become a new opportunity.  For instance, if the search query “PPC marketing company Stuart Fl” repeatedly triggers your ad and leads customers to your site, then you might consider making that one of your new keywords.

At the same time, keywords that used to produce great results may die down over time.

One year everyone was searching for fidget spinners. The next, they were searching for weighted blankets. Consumer trends are constantly changing. As you monitor your Google Ads search report, you may find that over time new search queries are bringing traffic and clicks to your advertisements—or that the older search queries that used to bring a lot of traffic are not producing great results anymore. For this reason, it is important to continually update your keywords so that you never miss a potential conversion.

4. PPC Pays Off In The Long Run

content marketing agency

Most businesses can expect to average a 200 percent return on their PPC advertising. That means for every $1 you spend on a click, you earn $2 from sales. But by optimizing your PPC marketing strategy, you’re also gaining more exposure, and hopefully converting more loyal customers for the future. And as long as your ads maintain a good quality score, you’re gaining credibility and building trust with your consumers.

The best way to remain competitive and be ranked among the top results on the first page of Google is to have a strong Pay Per Click marketing strategy with an emphasis on great keywords. As a local PPC Company, we create campaigns that minimize output and optimize ad targeting. By staying on top of PPC trends and implementing a solid Google Ad strategy, you can make the most of your investment, produce better search rankings for your website, drive more direct traffic from your target customers, and ultimately, gain more clicks and conversions.

This is why it is essential to have a Pay Per Click marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pay Per Click marketing, click here to contact us!

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