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Neuvana is a company that strives to continually improve people’s lives through Neuroscience. Their products provide increased overall wellness – calmness, balance, and rejuvenation.

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Neuvana & Xen

At the intersection of wellness and technology you’ll find Neuvana improving lives through neuroscience. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Richard Cartledge — an accomplished inventor and surgeon — Neuvana is a company of physicians, engineers, intellectual property experts, and business professionals working to perfect a shared goal: to make the benefits of VNS and neuroscience safe, easy, and accessible to everyone.

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The Challenge:

Neuvana had launched their latest product, XEN in November with a massive media plan set forth. The marketing wasn’t necessarily working together, with many different branches working separate, instead of together. BWM was onboarded to maximize spend and bring all parts together:

  • SEO – Determine valuable niche keywords that would drive traffic & increase Domain Authority.
  • Facebook Ads – Research & execute new advertising campaigns to drive qualified traffic & purchases with Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Content Marketing – Establish quality content that speaks to people searching for various topics relating to the problem & solution that Xen provides to their customers.
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BWM Solutions

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The Blue Water Marketing team received all of the data from each marketing campaign. With this data, the team reviewed & audited the spend & cost-per-result for each campaign to determine the gaps & successes to determine a roadmap to move forward.

We found many gaps within the Facebook Ads that we generally see, including wasted spend on engagement ads, Pixel data not firing properly, and audience mapping that was not reaching the correct audience most-likely to purchase.

When it came to the content marketing for one of our eCommerce clients, the BWM team established a number of niche topics & keywords that would generate qualified traffic for the foreseeable future based on keywords & search trends that would rank on Google.

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