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Learn how Bread & Butter Pickleball partnered with Blue Water Marketing to navigate the competitive waters, gain market share, and establish themselves as a dominant player in the world of pickleball equipment.

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The Marketing Brief

Bread & Butter Pickleball, a rapidly growing eCommerce brand in the growing pickleball sporting industry, found itself in the midst of a fiercely competitive market. With pickleball enthusiasts increasingly turning to online shopping, the need to elevate their eCommerce game became apparent. The brand sought to not only maintain its current customer base but also attract new audiences and gain a larger share of the growing market. Recognizing the immense potential, Bread & Butter Pickleball was determined to surge ahead and establish itself as a leading destination for pickleball enthusiasts.

In their quest for success, the key to unlocking the next level lay in finding the right strategic partner. Bread & Butter Pickleball was actively seeking a partner that could not only bring increased communication and seamless processes but also provide invaluable insights into the ever-changing digital landscape. They desired an agency that would be more than just a service provider but a true collaborator in their journey to conquer the eCommerce realm.

The challenges were significant, but Bread & Butter Pickleball’s ambitions were clear and their talent was evident – they wanted increase website traffic, improve conversion rates, and solidify their position as a dominant player in the pickleball equipment market. With competitors nipping at their heels, they knew they needed a partner that could provide innovative solutions to help them surge ahead.

Our Solution

Blue Water Marketing eagerly embraced the challenge and embarked on creating a tailor-made strategy for Bread & Butter Pickleball’s eCommerce success. To start, we initiated an intensive discovery process, diving deep into their target audience, competitors, and market trends. This thorough understanding formed the bedrock of our approach, allowing us to create a strategy that would resonate with pickleball enthusiasts and attract new customers alike.

Google Ads

  • Effective Google Shopping with layered product feeds enhancing control and effectiveness
  • Search Ads to gain brand awareness and top of the funnel conversions
  • Performance Max campaigns to ensure we were reaching new customers wherever they were in the funnel.

Social Media Marketing

  • Using their amazing creative assets & vision, we were able to text multiple creative assets against various audiences.
  • Retargeting and re-engagement campaigns to build the brand, which went hand-in-hand with their amazing team’s content creation.
  • Utilized Facebook’s algorithm to control bidding to ensure maximum profitablility.
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The Results

The transformation was evident, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Within six months, Bread & Butter Pickleball experienced a staggering increase in website traffic, marking the beginning of its ascendancy in the pickleball equipment market. Our strategic paid advertising approach paid off, as the brand secured top positions for essential pickleball-related keywords, cementing their digital footprint.

The targeted social media campaigns, combined with influencer partnerships, catapulted their brand visibility, attracting new customers and increasing their market share. The Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign proved to be a resounding success, delivering an impressive 9.9X & 5.5X return on ad spend (ROAS) respectively, driving significant revenue growth.

As Bread & Butter Pickleball’s strategic partner, Blue Water Marketing continues to chart new waters and provide insights to ensure their sustained success. Our collaborative approach has not only elevated their eCommerce presence but also fortified their position as a prominent player in the pickleball industry. Together, we navigate the dynamic digital landscape, confident in the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for Bread & Butter Pickleball

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