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Explore how Skeleton Optics collaborated with Blue Water Marketing for a transformative eCommerce journey, encompassing a Shopify redesign, Klaviyo buildout, influencer marketing, social media prowess, and Google & Bing Ads, leading to remarkable growth and an elevated online presence.


Skeleton Optics, a premium eyewear brand known for its unparalleled craftsmanship, found itself at a crossroads in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce. As the online marketplace grew increasingly competitive, Skeleton Optics recognized the pressing need to revamp its digital strategy and establish a commanding online presence. Seeking to enhance customer experience, drive revenue growth, and secure a dominant position in the eyewear industry, the brand embarked on a transformative journey of comprehensive eCommerce transformation.

To accomplish their ambitions, Skeleton Optics, embarked on a comprehensive eCommerce transformation, including a Shopify redesign, Klaviyo buildout, social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and Google & Bing Ads. Seeking a strategic partner with increased communication, seamless processes, and valuable insights, Skeleton Optics aimed to unlock its full potential and achieve eCommerce excellence.

Our Solution

Blue Water Marketing tackled the challenge of Skeleton Optics’ eCommerce success with a meticulous Shopify redesign, focusing on a visually appealing, responsive website for seamless navigation and effortless checkout across all devices. Utilizing Klaviyo, they crafted personalized email campaigns and automation flows driven by customer segmentation and behavior-based triggers to boost engagement and foster long-term relationships. Their social media team curated engaging content and leveraged influencer marketing to enhance brand visibility and build a loyal online community. Strategic Google and Bing Ads campaigns targeting relevant keywords and demographics led to increased search engine visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Email Marketing

  • Personalized email campaigns.
  • Automation flows for engagement.
  • Customer segmentation for targeted messaging.

Influencer Marketing

  • Partnerships with niche-specific influencers.
  • Authentic brand promotion.
  • Expanded reach and audience engagement.

Facebook Ads

  • Targeted audience demographics.
  • Creative, engaging ad content.
  • Performance tracking and optimization.

Google & Bing Ads

  • Keyword targeting for relevance.
  • Ad placement for maximum visibility.
  • Conversion tracking and optimization.
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The Results

Skeleton Optics witnessed unprecedented eCommerce growth. The Shopify redesign led to an 52% increase in average order value and an 18% rise in conversion rates. Customers embraced the enhanced website experience, leading to a significant boost in sales.

On social media, the brand’s following skyrocketed, bolstered by influential partnerships. The strategic influencer marketing campaigns led to a remarkable 47% increase in website traffic from social platforms, positioning Skeleton Optics as a coveted eyewear brand.

Google and Bing Ads proved to be powerful revenue generators, delivering an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) within just three months. With immediate visibility in search engine results, Skeleton Optics reached new audiences, driving an exponential increase in sales.

Together, with Blue Water Marketing as their strategic partner, Skeleton Optics achieved a remarkable eCommerce transformation. From a comprehensive Shopify redesign to data-driven email marketing, captivating social media presence, and strategic ad campaigns, Skeleton Optics embraced the boundless potential of eCommerce. With sails unfurled and ambitions set high, they continue to navigate new waters, propelled by a shared vision of elevating their eCommerce success.

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