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JetLoan Capital is a financing brokerage company that helps pair financing companies with clients for the top rates in the aircraft financing industry.

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JetLoan Capital

JetLoan Capital is an independent aircraft and yacht loan broker based in Stuart, Florida. They have been in business, financing aircraft and yachts for over 25 years and have financed over $2 billion in funded loans.

A Word From The Client

"The team at Blue Water Marketing is very knowledgeable of the industry and provides second to none marketing, web development, and paid search services. They recently developed and launched a all new website for us that turned out fantastic. Now we are a step above our competition."
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The Challenge:

Jetloan Capital works on funding of very specific jets, piston aircraft, Turboprop planes & yachts. JetLoan Capital contacted Blue Water Marketing in hopes of increasing their organic presence, their paid lead generation.

Knowing they had a really strong presence in the industry, JetLoan Capital tasked us with generating leads based on specific aircraft to help their sales team incorporate specific requests from potential clients.

We rooted our marketing and sales plan in data that we acquired from researching & analyzing previous lead generation and marketing efforts. Additionally, we were able to garner competitive insights into their top 3 competitors that helped us to align our SEO, & PPC lead-generation efforts. 

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BWM Solutions

BWM created a custom lead generation campaign based on valuable, targeted locations and keywords that reached prospects and generated qualified leads for Jetloan’s sales team.

During the research phase of the Jetloan Capital team, we were lucky that we had historical data from previous campaigns that did not work very well. We were able to identify past conversions and locations that we generated a higher-level of income compared to other locations around the United States.

  • Website Redesign For More Landing Pages & Google Crawlability
  • PPC Revamp – We identified a very bad quality-score, resulting in Google not displaying certain high-value keywords, as well as an increase in cost. We created new campaigns with previous data to ensure a lower CPC and CPL.
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