Landing Page Optimization: Expert Tips for 2020

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Landing page optimization: without it, you’re missing out on a lot more than just website traffic. 

Your customer goes through the exact journey you set them on. They log on to their Facebook account, click on a PPC ad from your business that interests them, and then are taken to your website to make a purchase.

Your new potential customer is ready to convert, but they take one glance at the landing page you’ve directed them to on your website and promptly exit out. What gives!?

Realistically, your target audience can get to your website in a number of ways, and they most certainly will if you have integrated some great optimized digital marketing tactics. But the problem is, your landing pages also need to be optimized in order for your customer’s journey to be completed.

Without landing page optimization, your new potential customer who was seconds away from making a purchase can suddenly be lost, no matter what efforts you have put in to get them there.

Top Expert Tips for Landing Page Optimization

Don’t waste your time and budget on getting customers to your website. Optimize your landing pages using these tips! You’ll help users successfully complete the buyer’s journey and get the sales you need. 

Increase Motivation and Then Ability

One of the major goals of your landing page is to increase the likelihood of a customer wanting to buy. You can do this by either motivating them to complete an action or increasing their ability to do so.

Take the steps to evoke an emotional response before you focus on ability. You might use the power of urgency or scarcity to drive up customers’ motivation and encourage them to make an immediate purchase.

Consider Different Traffic Sources

Users who visit your website will get there through a number of different sources. It could be through a paid search ad, a marketing email, or an organic social media post. There are plenty of possibilities!

Each of those visitors who have come to your website in a different way will have a different interaction with your website once they get there. Be sure to optimize your landing pages in a way that caters to each of these potential sources. 

Page Load Time

There’s nothing worse than getting to a website and having to wait what feels like ages for it to load. 

Attention spans are so short these days in our technological world that many won’t even take the time to wait. They will simply exit out of your website and look for something else.

Don’t let your website fall victim to long page load times and leave your potential customers frustrated. Ensure that your landing pages are loading within ideal load times.

You can often do this by avoiding large images or videos that are known to have lengthy loading times.

A Seamless Experience from Start to Finish

When a visitor goes to your website, they will have certain expectations of what they will get from it. Keep the surprises to a minimum and match your landing pages to your ads. 

It will also be important to stay consistent with your branding and copy. Try to use the same voice and wording in your ads, social posts, and emails in order to better stand true to your words.

The more seamless the experience is for visitors the more likely they are to make a purchase from your business.

Include Social Proof

Social proof is a tactic you can use to better optimize your landing pages. The two types of social proof are ‘authority’ and ‘people like me’.

Authority social proof provides a clear communication that your offer has been used by others, and is also supported by them. ‘People like me’ social proof on the other hand lets users know that the offer is suitable for exactly that – people like me.

Both types of social proof help to show that your brand is both credible and trustworthy.

Show Value Over Selling

Rather than thinking about how you will use your landing page to sell to your customer, think about how to optimize it to show value. What value proposition does your offer provide?

You might consider language that shows value through your call to action. This could be something like ‘save money now’.

Landing Page SEO for Best Performance

SEO is a fantastic tool for getting valuable eyes on your landing pages. Be sure to match the keywords you include in your content to the search intent of the users you want to attract. Keywords for a paid search campaign will affect your quality score so be sure to include the keywords you will bid on.

Certain keywords may have the power to get eyes on your landing page, but unless they are leads that are going to convert, they are not likely to be valuable. Pay attention to landing page SEO and make sure you complete thorough research for the best results.

You might also benefit from learning how to use negative keywords here.

Multiple Versions of Your Landing Page for Relevancy

With such a wide range of people visiting your website, it’s likely that you can benefit from providing multiple versions of your landing page.

For example, some visitors may have more money to spend and others less. This means that a different offer could be suitable depending on the amount the visitor has available to spend.

Put in the work to tailor specific landing pages to meet their unique needs.

Be Mindful of Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar are a lot more important than you might think to the success of your landing page. Visitors have proven to be a lot less likely to have trust a website that’s riddled with errors.

Thoroughly check your landing page copy and get as many eyes as possible to review it.

Make Use of Images

Many people are visual these days which means that images are an important part of optimizing your landing pages. Be sure to name your images with descriptive language, optimize your alt attributes and choose your sizing and dimensions wisely.

It will also be important to put thought into your image choices. Think about what will catch your visitors’ attention and encourage them to make a conversion.

Can’t get enough tips? Here are 8 PPC landing page do’s and don’ts you can’t miss.

Get Help with Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page can make all the difference to whether or not your target audience completes the conversions you’re looking for. Always make sure your landing pages are properly optimized and built to perform. 

Whether it’s a second opinion from an expert, or a full landing page development and optimization project, Blue Water Marketing in Florida is here to help. Contact us today to get started!


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