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Engage Your Audience With Stories On Instagram

Instagram recently hit one billion daily users, WOW!! I would definitely have to say, that over the past year, it has become one of the most important social media marketing platforms I use to help business establish brand image and build loyalty with their customers.

Instagram launched Stories two years ago. Users immediately loved the new feature, snapchat users soon realized they had more options and jumped on board. For marketers this meant even more tools to help businesses grow.

Creating a seamlessly-branded Instagram page isn’t as easy as it seems. But building exciting, intriguing Instagram stories requires a completely different set of skills. There is a bright point to Instagram Stories in that, they do not have to be as poised as typical posts. Stories do however, require more time and extra attention to make sure you are captivating your audience with real-time engagement opportunities. But…why should you care about using them?

What are the benefits of Instagram Stories?

According to Instagram statistics, 1/3 of users are watching Stories every single day. When you put a number to that, it’s approximately 330 thousand people. With that many people, you know your specific target audience is there.

Stories are quick bits of content that can directly link users back to your site. Which is a great way to drive traffic, leads and sales.

And, while you can’t track the emotions of your audience, as long as it’s entertaining, you sure to hook your customers. Every Instagram Story gives businesses a chance to be creative. There is a feature to implement polls, ask questions and interact with your audience directly. Stories even lets you know when you have been tagged in someone else’s story so that you can repost showing your followers.

How do you create unique, memorable Stories?

Here are a few tips:

  • Know your audience and create content just for them!

Take a look at your followers. Who are they?? Look through their feed and find out who they are, what they like and the type of content they are posting. Then create your Stories just for them as if you were speaking right to them. This will allow you to focus in on the Stories that mean the most to your followers and potential customers, while being completely genuine.

  • Make sure you have fun with it! Be unique, engaging and true.

Your customers want to see your personality. When your personality breathes through your content, users are more likely to brand your company as authentic.

  • Be consistent

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Stories aren’t just about the content. 

They are about the frequency in which you continue to tell your Story. You are likely to lose followers who are not consistently being engaged with new, exciting content. By producing consecutive Stories, building upon questions and asking for feedback in the form of polls, you allow your customers to feel heard and informed.

  • Don’t be scared to post videos in your Stories.

So much of the internet is flooded with videos that captivate users. Use this to your advantage. The longer someone watches a video or Stories including videos, the more likely they are to remember you. And… try audio, putting a voice or a song to a brand allows users to feel in touch with more than just words.


  •  Be creative.

Ensure each post is inviting and be personable. No one likes to just read a Story; your audience wants to hear your voice even if it’s through the script. And don’t be afraid to change topics slightly throughout your story, it keeps the content fresh and the user engaged to continue watching.

After producing fun, interactive content, you want to make sure the right people are seeing your brand. If you’re looking for more great ideas for content, check out our friends at Mashable here.

So, how do you reach your target audience you may ask??

There are two super simple ways to target your Stories audience:

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  1. Use #HashTags and be sure to add your location to increase your exposure through the discover feed
    • Whenever you can, tag other accounts, always add a location, and load up on #HashTags. Be sure to use relevant #Hashtags though, you don’t want to post a picture of a cat for #nationalhamburgerday. Your potential audience will feel mislead and your brand will feel unauthentic.
  2. Be sure to repost any content you are tagged in.
    • Who doesn’t love to be tagged in a Story or image. When your audience tags you in a Story, you want to make sure they know it is appreciated. The more your give credit where credit is due, the more likely more of your audience will feel inclined to do the same.

Instagram Stories aren’t as complicated as people make it seem. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to engaging Stories your customers won’t want to stop watching! 
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