How Web Design Affects Digital Marketing

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5 Ways Web Design Affects Digital Marketing

Have you ever been to a store with a crumbling facade, rust stains on the tiles, or a store that always seems to be under construction? It’s not a pleasant shopping experience, and it doesn’t feel welcoming to you as a customer. Did you know that visitors to a slow, complicated, or visually underwhelming website have a similar experience?

Perhaps because of this, having just one negative experience on a website makes visitors 88 percent less likely to return. 

Additionally, the quality of your landing page (or the page visitors who click your Pay Per Click ad see first) affects the ranking of your PPC ads. That means every landing page you design should load quickly, have attractive visual content and should flow from one section to another.

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All of these web design factors contribute to the overall User Experience (UX). With the increasing emphasis on UX for web design, companies that don’t prioritize web design across platforms are making a similar impression on users as those run-down brick-and-mortar stores. In 2019, those who don’t overhaul their website for optimal User Experience face losing credibility and trust with their customers and spending extra dollars on digital marketing in the long run.

If your website is a new visitor’s first interaction with your business, having an engaging and friendly design can guarantee conversions. But it can also make visitors likely to visit your business in person, too. It’s all about first impressions.

Below are some ways to optimize your web design and improve your digital marketing strategy.

1. Make room for video

Internet shoppers are savvy; they don’t browse for items they might want. They hunt for things they need. They spend hours comparing retailers, services, and, yes, even the quality of a website to decide who to trust, and where to spend their money.

These shoppers form impressions about a new site in milliseconds. In less than a second, you can gain conversions, or lose them. But you can help these consumers by providing most of the information about your business immediately visible for them when they arrive at your landing page—without even sending them to the “about” section, you can tell an entire story about your business.


Stunning videos that tell visitors about your brand are a great way to grab attention and connect with potential customers. Consumers look for visual aids that can help them better understand the product or service they’re interested in. But as important as utilizing video is the ability for videos to run smoothly across devices and browsers, and fit into your web design.

2. Ensure user-friendly design across all platforms

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If we keep repeating this, it’s only because UX is extremely important to web design, especially with Pay Per Click marketing. Most online shoppers are using mobile devices. As a result, the majority of online shoppers will return to a website again for business if it is optimized for mobile search. This means videos and images should show up just as clearly on a 7-inch screen as on a 13-inch screen, and that scrolling through the site is as easy with a finger as it is with a mouse.

But in addition to mobile optimization, your website should look the same across browsers. Slow-loading websites cost retailers billions of dollars in lost sales each year. While some browsers, like Chrome, are optimized to provide faster loading speeds, many mobile phones come with alternative internet browsers pre-installed, such as Safari. If you use Pay Per Click marketing, you can dig into Google analytics to find out what browsers your visitors are using to shop your site, and ensure your web design and UX are equally appealing on all browsers.

3. Get help from a professional designer

Unless you majored in design or have a serious inclination toward it, the best course of action is to seek the help of a professional. At Blue Water Marketing, our team is skilled in designing websites that speak to your brand, engage visitors, and provide a seamless transition from computer to mobile devices, and across browsers.

digital marketing & web designIn addition to creating an elegant design for your website, a professional designer should help build the code to support responsive design, optimize SEO, and allow your website to function properly. You want the layout and theme to loudly say “this is our brand, this is what we do!” from the moment a visitor lands on your page. Ease of use for all visitors is always a bonus!

4. Decrease bounce rate, increase sales

Bounce rate is the percent of visitors who leave your site from the landing page, otherwise known as a “single page visit.” It means they didn’t like their first impression, or it wasn’t engaging enough to keep their attention, and they quickly navigated to another tab.

The average bounce rate for websites is about 50 percent. Half of all visitors will not go beyond your landing page, which is why placing video and images up front is so important. But with the help of a web designer, you can create a more welcoming, user-friendly layout that encourages the majority of your visitors to stay and explore. It’s as easy as searching “local web designer near me.”

5. Develop a seamless mobile checkout

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Given the majority of online shoppers are using mobile devices, the checkout process should be as easy as tapping a button. Anything more complicated than that, and people start changing their minds, doubting whether it’s really worth buying it right now. Amazon paved the way for placing instant orders with their one-click checkout. But even if you require visitors to sign up for an account and provide shipping information before ordering, that whole process should be as smooth and possible.

A professional web designer can help you develop an efficient way for your visitors to place orders from any device. Don’t even ask your visitors to pull out their cards and enter their numbers. Optimizing your website code to securely store credit card information, or to easily connect with mobile payment apps, makes placing orders even easier.

These are just some of the ways your local web designer can help optimize your User Experience and increase conversions.

If you’re interested in learning more about web design, click here to contact us!

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