How To Use Facebook Audiences (Video)

Target Your Customers With Facebook

Facebook marketing is a very important aspect of any digital marketing campaign in 2018 & 2019. Determining a Facebook target audience is an important factor to keep your budget maximized. If you’re wondering how to use Facebook target audiences, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is A Facebook Target Audience, You Ask?

Facebook Audiences is an important factor for advertisers to target specific people. Generally, as a business owner, you want to identify who your target customer is, right?Facebook tools provide the ability to select specific demographics, interests, purchasing behaviors and psychographics.

The benefit of this tool for advertisers is substantial! Facebook is one of the most detailed tools for advertisers to reach the EXACT person that will purchase from you. Normally, people think of Social Media, specifically Facebook as a tool to post updates. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. Facebook provides us with the ability to reach users better than most other forms of media.

Check out my video below for the a detailed overview of creating Facebook Target Audiences yourself.

Importance Of Facebook Audiences

Making sure that your target audience is identified is important for many different factors. The most important factor is that you want to keep your cost per engagement as low as possible. Generally, we pay about $ .15-.38 per engagement. We achieve such a low cost because we only show our ads to people who have some interest in digital marketing.

Facebook offers an amazing selection of demographics, including household median incomes, employment, interests, shopping behaviors and many, many more. Make sure to investigate the various options.

facebook collected data

If you like my video, don’t worry, many more will be coming out!

Additionally, if you’re looking for a more detailed analysis of various social media marketing, check out our blog here.

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Chris Marrano
Founder & CMO
Blue Water Marketing
Stuart, FL

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Chris Marrano

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