How To Implement Technical SEO (Video)

technical seo how to

Technical SEO How-To In 6-Minutes

We at Blue Water Marketing are always explaining to our clients what all of the technical SEO “stuff” is and why it’s extremely important. 

Our thought is that if our clients are asking these questions, then our readers are as well. 

We are incorporating all of the technical SEO that we’ve developed over the years to ensure that we help fellow business owners understand digital marketing, specifically, SEO & Pay Per Click marketing. 

In this video, we will be outlining the top, most basic, but still extremely important aspects of SEO. 

We’re going to break down…  

      • Website Structure
      • Header Tags & Keywords
        • Keyword Research
        • Service Keywords
      • Alt Text For Images
      • Site Speed

If you follow these tips & begin to learn how to accomplish some of these easy-to-learn tasks for your website, we’re confident that you will slowly begin to see increased rankings & revenue for your business.

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Chris Marrano

Chris Marrano

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