How To Get Your Business Noticed On Youtube

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Video Is The Most Important Trend In 2019

Has your business invested in video marketing yet? People love to watch all kinds of videos from how-to, entertainment, educational and much more.
 In fact, YouTube itself has over a billion users, that’s almost one third of total internet users!And did you know that 6 out of 10 people actually prefer watching videos online instead of watching live TV? When you publish videos to YouTube, you have the potential to reach a massive audience. Video show up in Google search results, they can be shared by fans and so much more.
The below tips will help your small business get more views on Youtube with video content that will get noticed by the right customers.
Be helpful– People turn to videos for all sorts of reasons but one of the main reasons is to get help with some sort of project. What can you help them with? If you run a remodeling business, maybe you could post some short videos about how to setup a room for painting. Or maybe you could do a long video about how to re-tile your floor.
Many businesses fear that by giving away too much ‘free’ information that their business won’t thrive; this couldn’t be further from the truth. The more value you offer, the more eager someone will be to work with you. You need to prove that you know what you’re talking about and sometimes that means giving away a lot of valuable information first. There are a lot of DIYers out there, but there are even more people looking to hire qualified people to get a job done.
Be as helpful as you can with how-to videos.
Be yourself– It may be difficult for some people to get in front of the camera, but it’s far more authentic for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, instead of hiring an actor to just read from a script. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you’re not funny, then don’t try to force humor. If you’re not outgoing, then don’t try to put on a show. If you want to just sit there in front of the camera and talk, then just do that. It’s not easy to fool people these days; they know when you don’t know what you’re talking about and will call you on it. Stick to being yourself and you’ll be fine.
Be entertaining– This might totally contradict what I just said about being yourself, but when I say ‘be entertaining’, I’m more referring to the fact that it’s okay to interject a little humor or entertainment into a topic, if you want.
If you’re a funny person and you enjoy having a little fun with your topics, then do it! Don’t be afraid to be entertaining. I would say to stay away from slapstick and offensive topics, but to throw in a joke every once and awhile or do a funny parody of a movie trailer or something like that, those can be fun ways to engage with your audience.
Be thorough– Many marketers might still tell you to keep the length of a video to 3 minutes or less, but the fact is, because so many people are preferring videos over TV, they don’t mind longer videos. Some people will sit at their computer for hours watching countless videos of a variety of length.
The length of a video really doesn’t much matter these days. Many people like 60 second videos while many other people like to watch 20 minutes or longer. It’s all about being thorough in whatever you’re talking about. If it takes 20 minutes to get your point across, then do it. People will still watch.
Be engaged with the community– Simply throwing up a video and sharing it on your social media channels isn’t enough. The very best way to get noticed on YouTube is to get involved with your community on YouTube. Let’s continue with the remodeling business example, you could seek out home DIY videos, watch the videos and leave a valuable comment. Try to stay away from being negative. Instead, be positive, uplifting and if you think you could add something to their video, then leave it in the comment. Make sure it’s more than just saying ‘good video’, actually leave a valuable, contributing comment about the video.
If the video is about changing a lightbulb, you could say:
“Great video! I especially liked how you mentioned safety, light bulbs can break easily and we need to make sure we’re taking precautions when changing light bulbs. Thanks for this!”
Subscribe to other channels, get involved, maybe do some collaborations with some other channels or businesses in your area. Getting engaged with the YouTube community can really skyrocket your channel. Other people watching that video that you just commented on, will see your screen name, get interested and go take a look at your videos. It really happens!
the value of video advertising image
Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
Camera – You can use your smartphone, no need to get a fancy camera.
Well lit area – You don’t need to get any additional lights, but a well lit area is recommended.
Script – While you shouldn’t read from a script while talking on camera, it’s helpful to have some notes as to what the video is going to be about and talking points.
Editing software – You can edit on your phone or on your computer, you don’t have to know a lot about video editing to get started.
Microphone (optional) – If you plan to record on your smartphone, the audio isn’t the best, so it might be a good idea to invest in some sort of microphone, but this is optional and can be put off until later.
One last thing, don’t worry about going viral. You don’t just want 15 minutes of fame, you want a lifelong relationship with your customers. Give them value and show them that you know what you’re talking about and I promise you’ll gain loyal fans and business from your videos.
What’s your first YouTube video going to be about?

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