Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2019

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As 2018 comes to a close, we can see that the design world changed drastically this year. Many people are wondering what will take place next year. Will we see more of the same as this year? Or will we witness a storm of brand-new trends to get acquainted with? We shall see what emerges soon enough, but everyone is already very curious about what to expect. Web-based media dominated this past year, and we expect it to only increase from here. 

A few of last year’s trends are expected to evolve and become more frequent and complex.  Based on this year’s trends and what has gotten old towards the end of the year, here are some predictions on what graphic design trends will take over 2019. It looks like design will be heading in multiple directions at once.

1. Emphasis on Stronger Colors

In 2018, the use of color has become one of the focal points of graphic design. Artists and designers as well as many large companies, such as Spotify and Dropbox, have taken to using vibrant pops of color in their branding images. Brands have been trying to grab your attention more aggressively in order to stand out, and they have been doing this using vivid colors. This trend will most likely become even more popular with companies this year, with more intense, brighter colors becoming the forefront of branding design inspiration.

Here is a look at Dropbox’s website, where they make use of bright colors.

Example from Dropbox of their use of vibrant colors

2. Dynamic Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Instead of the same old copy-and-paste cartoon style images and icons, we will most likely see an appearance of custom design illustrations. It is well known that people are getting tired of the same old stock icons, and many brands will opt for a more original artistic look. These illustrations will certainly grab a viewer’s attention more than a flat design. Though images like hand-drawn illustrations will cost companies a bit more to create, I think brands who can afford it will profit greatly from this use of art.

Below is a screenshot of Genesis’ website, where they make use of creative illustration throughout their entire branding including their instagram account.

Image of Genesis' website showing a creative illustration with many elements.

3. Use of Authentic Photography

Generic stock photos are a thing of the past and will soon disappear entirely in the world of design. Lately, we have been seeing beautiful photography that feels fresh and much less robotic than the stock images we are used to seeing. Designers are certain to make use of these new images to create a genuine and “real” aesthetic within their work in 2019.

Here is an example of how designers can integrate photography within their designs, seen on instagram feeds.

Photo design of a hand going through an M

4. The Return of Duotones

The application of duotone designs and gradients within designs started to become a prominent trend this year. In 2019, the duotone technique will become more creative and complex. Most of this usage of gradients solely consisted of backgrounds. New ways to incorporate gradients in design will be discovered in 2019, such as creating double exposures and negative space, as well as applying these elements to type.

Below is a wonderful example of duotone design that shows how this style can compose an entire design using different shades from the color palette.

Duotone Image with text integrated.

5. Focus on Typography

In 2019, Bold typography will take center stage in graphic design. These bold fonts promote strength and individuality such as sans serif. These fonts will have a great advantage of appearance on mobile, as they are easier to read. We have started to see this trend take shape in the past couple of years, but even more brands will utilize this technique in the upcoming year.

Nike is making use of bold typefaces in their ad campaigns.

Nike ad with arrangement of shoes and bold text

6. 3D Artwork

3D design is going to play a huge part in both web design and graphic design in 2019. Along with conveying a specific message, the integration of 3D images provides an exceptional amount of depth for viewers to absorb and become immersed in. Major companies will turn to this style of artwork in order to captivate their audience. The growth and use of 3D graphics will inspire graphic designers to be especially creative in their professional designs, making room for a lot of improvisation and outside the box thinking. With the rise of programs like Adobe Dimension, the main area this trend will affect tremendously is the promotion of package design. It is likely that designers will rely on this software in 2019 in order to produce beautiful 3D mockups of products.  The possibilities are endless in 2019, and this trend makes it even more so.

3D art of man launching out of an object.


To sum it all up, in 2019 we’ll be seeing a lot of captivating and vivid designs that will grip the viewer’s attention and tap into your imagination. Vivid color schemes, bold type faces, and artistic elements will most likely take over the year. Design in 2019 will take a dive into intricate designs with a lot of depth, while at the same time, executing these designs with a minimal sensitivity. Remember, we do not know if these trends will in fact exist next year, but based on what we have been seeing, it is very likely that this is what the design studio will look like. For more topics concerning the design world, take a look at more of our design blogs! Be sure to follow our instagram page @bluewatermkting for the latest updates at Blue Water Marketing.

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