Google’s Dominance Of Search

Google's Dominance of search - mobile phone

Google Continues To Be The #1 Search Engine

Projections in 2018 are showing that Google will continue to remain the top referrer of website traffic by 5X+. No other website, including Facebook will come anywhere close to the amount of visitors searching on Google on a daily basis. Blue Water Marketing focuses on maximizing our client’s budget. We use Google’s immense reach through geo-targeting and very specific demographic targeting, generating leads for our clients.
Additionally, there are a few industry experts that are predicting less SEO opportunities for businesses.
Unfortunately, this means that organic search is going to decrease over the next year due to many different factors in the ever-changing landscape of Google. Their predictions state that organic search will decrease by at least 5%.

The good news for our clients is that with a decrease of organic search, means an increase of paid search. Competition for keywords and a successful PPC strategy will become higher, but with a specific pay-per-click strategy your business presence on Google will grow.
The importance of implementing a successful Google Pay-Per-Click & Organic strategy is continuing to be more and more important. Businesses and customers alike are using Google multiple times a day to find exactly what they’re looking for. A pay-per-click strategy begins to boost your website higher onto Google, increasing impressions, clicks and leads.
For more information on pay-per-click marketing, check out our services pay at

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