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New Engagement Options with Facebook’s Immersive ‘Canvas’ Ads

More updates mean learning the new features Facebook has to offer. Facebook has given the immersive Canvas ad option an update including a new name (Facebook Instant Experience). As well as some great back-end changes that improve load time and performance. Most importantly, the new creative template allows for super easy implementation.

Canvas ads

Facebook released canvas ads to the advertising community in 2016. Offering a mini-website experience within Facebook by allowing the ads to go full screen with one click without ever leaving Facebook.

However, the ‘Canvas’ title doesn’t exactly communicate what the ad is, at all. So Facebook has gone about renaming the title to ‘Instant Experience’ ads. Much more appropriate if you ask me.

According to Facebook

“Instant Experience better reflect what this ad solution offers people. Over the past year, the number of Instant Experience campaigns has more than doubles and Instant Experiences are loading faster than ever – now 15x faster than standard mobile websites – to seamlessly connect people to businesses.”

‘Instant Experience’ absolutely has a better ring to it. It better communicates the idea while the speed improvements will boost the advertiser’s interest.

Facebook Canvas Ad ExamplesFacebook & Instagram Ad Templates

While Instant Experience templates have been available since 2016, they allow businesses the comfort of ease to create these immersive ads, without needing true tech knowledge or graphic design skills.

Facebook and Instagram offer templates in a variety of options

  • Lookbook allows businesses to display products in the form of lifestyle images
  • Storefront provides business an avenue of selling products through a grid format
  • Customer Acquisition helps businesses to motivate customer action by providing display offerings that include a call to action
  • Storytelling uses brand images and video to provide customers a better understanding of your brand

Most importantly, Facebook has also implemented another new feature called ‘Instant Form’, which allows viewers quick and easy access to provide contact information to directly learn more information about what your company offers.

Facebook Pixel

The eye-catching format is sure to be effective for your audience. As far as insight, Facebook is really stepping up their game. Facebook is now enabling integration of the Facebook Pixel, and third-party pixels, into the Instant process.

“The Facebook Pixel will now be automatically added to Instant Experience for any advertiser using the Facebook Pixel on their website. This will enable businesses to re-engage with customers who interacted with their Instant Experience.”

While Facebook ‘Canvas’ ads have always provided an intriguing, immersive option, it’s possible that the re-name and refresh will really give ‘Instant Experience’  a boost. While the name is merely a small element, originally ‘Canvas’ ads portrayed difficulty resulting in more simplicity and appeal to generic News Feed ads. However, with the new name, Instant Experience, Facebook has truly outdone themselves with the advancement in load time, immersive capacity, which obviously appeals to mobile audiences.

If you haven’t considered ‘Canvas’ ads before, with the implementation of these new features, ‘Instant Experience’ may need to be added to your consideration in social media marketing campaigns.

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