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Growth Checklist

Hitting a glass ceiling is something that can be stressing, and seemingly hard to achieve for many eCommerce businesses. 

By following these steps and re-evaluating the tactics and strategies of your online business, you can have a more successful digital campaign and better sales performance.

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Reading The Data

Identifying Opportunities

SEO Tactics

Keyword Research

Paid Media Testing

Up Sell Opportunities

important KPI for eCommerce store

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Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a sample of one of the eBook pages. 

We’re here to help break down every important KPI for your eCommerce store to be prepared to scale. 

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Chris is a seasoned digital marketer with 13 years of experience working at agencies & client-side management roles. Post-client-side, Chris began his entrepreneurial journey as an Agency partner & CMO at Blue Water Marketing, where his role has been adjusted to CEO, overseeing client relationships, digital marketing strategies, data analysis & business development for BWM.

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