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How Do Keyword Match Types Work?

Expert pay-per-click advertisers are only getting better and better at finding ways to make their ads go the extra mile. They’re not just choosing the exact keywords they want to include in their Google Ads campaigns, they’re utilizing those keywords

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8 Audience Targeting Strategies from Digital Marketing Experts

Gone are the days of putting out information into the digital space without consideration for your target audience. Audience targeting strategies are an essential part to everything that we do as digital marketers, and rightfully so! Integrating effective targeting strategies

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5 Advanced AdWords Audience Targeting Tactics

Google Adwords is a marketer’s dream! You can create strategic ads and have them put right in front of the eyes of the perfect audience for your business. Adwords audience targeting is an especially important topic for marketers because it

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Special Meta Tags that Google Understands
Search Engine Optimization

Special Meta Tags that Google Understands

You’re probably already familiar with SEO, and maybe even some of the best practices that go along with it. Meta tags however, are one of the foundational elements of SEO. They provide the building blocks of ranking and should definitely

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SEO vs. PPC: Differences, Pros, & Cons

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. You have to make decisions between things like content marketing and social media marketing, or even SEO vs. PPC. Deciding between SEO vs. PPC

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