Best Ways To Use Twitter

Best Ways To Use Twitter For Targeting

Engage Your Audience With Twitter

Did you know that there are over 500 million tweets per day? People are tweeting more than ever these days, especially since the majority of people access Twitter via their smartphone. Twitter is one of the best ways to reach your audience on a personal level. When someone tweets at you, you can tweet right back at them and start a real conversation. It’s incredibly easy and at 280 characters; people have a lot to say!

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When someone chooses to follow you on Twitter, they are saying that they are interested enough in your business that they want your tweets to flow through their feed. That’s a pretty big responsibility!

Since there are so many tweets per day, though and people can follow an enormous amount of people, it’s extremely important to stand out and get noticed on Twitter.

Here are 8 ways that your business can stand out onTwitter while at the same time, targeting your ideal audience.twitter hashtag image

  1. Use Hashtags – Like with many other social networks, hashtags are extremely important in order to target the specific audience that you want to see your tweets. Without using a single hashtag, your tweets will get lost. Since there are only 280 characters, stick with 1-6 hashtags per tweet and keep them as relevant as possible. You want to target your niche so be specific. Even better, do research on Twitter to see which hashtags are getting the most and least attention.
  2. Engage – Twitter is one of the best and easiest platforms to really let you engage with your audience. When someone follows you, check out their profile and give them a quick thanks for following you. Don’t sell anything to them or offer any coupons, just say thanks. When someone tweets to you, be sure to respond within 24 hours; users expect a much quicker response on Twitter specifically, especially if they’re angry at your company, so the sooner you respond, the better. Also, retweet other people’s tweets. Sharing is caring.
  3. Give Credit – When you share an article from a website, use their @username and give them credit for the article! They’ll see that you mentioned them and might even engage right back with you and may even follow you!
  4. Target Influencers – Speaking of giving credit, targeting influencers in your field is something that is important for almost every aspect of social media. Find the bloggers, vloggers and Twitter influencers and try to grab their attention by retweeting their tweets, engaging in conversation with them. When an influencer recognizes you and sees that you’re an active part of your niche, they’ll be more than happy to share what you’re selling.
  5. Schedule – Use some sort of scalendar imagecheduling platform to help schedule your tweets. You can’t spend all day on Twitter, you have a business to run! Schedule a post about every 2-4 hours. Twitter moves so quickly and you’ll want to stay top of mind. Just make sure you’re tweeting relevant,helpful, funny or conversational tweets. It could be a picture, video, quote, article, etc. Schedule a good mix of your stuff and other people’s stuff. As an extra tip, images with any tweet will generally peak people’s interests more than just plain text and a link.
  6. Fix up your profile – Your profile is the face of your business. Make sure you have a cover photo, profile photo and a properly filled out description with URL and location (if applicable). In your description, you could put a couple relevant hashtags which could help people to find you a lot easier.
  7. Post regularly – As stated in tip #5, Twitter moves quickly and you’ll need to stay top of mind. But not only that, an active account is far more likely to get more followers than an inactive one. Whenever I see a Twitter account that hasn’t posted in 6 or more months, I unfollow. Most people are interested in active accounts, they actually want to engage with others; in fact, I was about to buy from a company recently but when I went to their Twitter account, it said that they last tweeted 2 years ago. Their Facebook was bare, as well. That made me stop and purchase with someone else. So make sure to stay as active as you can. Even just one post a day is better than nothing.
  8. Patience – There are so many people on Twitter that it’s going to take time to get noticed and really grow a following. Stay active and engaged and you’ll be just fine.

Twitter can be one of the most daunting social media platforms out there because of how quickly your tweet can be seen and immediately get lost. But Twitter is doing what they can to help tweets get seen. On the mobile Twitter app, they show ‘older’ tweets to you, bringing old and forgotten tweets back to life.

But don’t just rely on Twitter to do all the work; if you want to get seen, you’ll want to take heed of the above tips and put them into action.

Good luck!


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