Become More Engaging With Social Media Posts

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How To Become More Engaging With Your Social Media Posts

Do you ever feel as though you’re putting out great content, but there aren’t any comments, likes or shares after your thought-out, interesting and time consuming piece of content has been published? We know the feeling! We’re here to help with the same problem that many businesses face today.

Unfortunately, stated by BuzzSumo, content engagement has decreased by 50% over the last three years. With that decrease, as marketers, we still believe that Social Media is an extraordinary way to reach our target audience. With our clients, we’ve grown pages from less than 100 followers to thousands in a short period of time with Facebook’s targeting abilities.

This only works because engagement builds brand relationships and loyalty. If we target successfully, then we’re reaching a large group of people who have an interest in our client’s brand, growing pages with REAL people who comment, share and like posts.

The decrease of engagement is due to a number of different factors. One of which being, Facebook’s algorithm changes, which has decreased organic page reach. These changes continue to make things more difficult for Social Media Marketing.

Brands nowadays need to determine what works to reach their target and then communicate effectively and efficiently.

If you’re having difficulty reaching or engaging with your customers (or new customers) keep reading, hopefully these might help.

1. Open Communication With Comments & Messaging

camels talking to each other

With Social Media, you truly want to build a trusting relationship with your customers or clients. Posting cats and dogs is great, but people want to know the story behind your brand and who you are. We could post pictures all day of our pets (which we do) but there needs to be some substance if you want people to think about your brand when the decision making process begins. 

Communication via Social Media can’t just be “here’s what we sell, we’re great, buy from us.” Instead, the communication needs to be a dialogue. Back and forth communication is the most effective use of Social Media when building your brand and your story. 

2. Imagery

Choosing the right image for the right post is crucial to visual appeal when reaching customers & new

leads. There are many statistics that prove visually appealing content reaches a significantly larger amount of people, with higher engagement rates. 

3. Be Social, Outgoing & Friendly

blue water marketing team

Be authentic when responding to your Social Media followers. With the increase of marketing automation, people know when they’re talking to a robot or a real person. Allow your brand to speak through your Social Media managers (who should have a real understanding of your brand). 

People these days are keen to “fake” or “scripted” posts that sound like a terrible car salesman. For the record, they hate used car salesman pitches from Social Media Accounts. DON’T BE A USED CAR SALESMAN!

4. Feedback/Shares/Reviews/Likes

Don’t be afraid to ask for engagement. Not all the time, of course, but it does work with the correct content. 

If you release a new product or service, ask for people’s feedback. Do you have a new flavor or clothing line being released? Ask for feedback. 

The people who follow you on Social Media have an interest in your products or services, they are your target audience, all rolled up into one platform. If you have a question or need some advice on your latest product launch, go to them first!

They will provide you with the truth (even though, sometimes, it may hurt). 

5. Relevancy

#nude beach day joke with nude doll

Stay up-to-date with the latest buzz words and trending topics. 

Is there a made-up holiday that’s trending? #nationaldogday #nationalnudebeachday #nationalhandsanitizerday are all trends that you can align your brand with (if you like national nude beach day, of course) to reach a larger organic audience.

6. Schedule Posts

We all know how hectic it is to run a business or run a number of different Social Media accounts simultaneously. Thankfully, there are tools within some platforms (Facebook, Twitter) that allow scheduled posting. If you want to make it even easier, you can purchase 3rd party tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer that condenses everything into one beautiful, creative, convenient platform. 

Create a content calendar to go along with your posts so that you have an understanding of when certain topics will be posted, so that you can better tailor your posts to your content. 

Social Media will never be a one-and-done, it takes time, but it helps build relationships with your customers. Relationships that you won’t likely be able to build without it.


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