How To Apply Psychology With Your Social Media Marketing

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Applying Psychology With Your Social Media Marketing

Who would have thought that a high school psychology class would help with social media marketing?

Why do you like, share, comment, click or even buy things online?

Really dig deep into the basic concepts you pretended to learn to understand the psychology facts behind the way your audience thinks on social media. This is the first step in creating engaging experiences, better social media relationships and customer loyalty.

These ARE psychology facts that all social media marketing initiators should know, if they don’t this blog will help! Not just in the concept of it but the implementation into your content, strategy and execution.

Let’s get going!

Quick bits of background **

~ To be the best at their jobs, successful marketers regularly use psychology as a means to their social media efforts

~ Do you want transparency from the brands you buy from? Well so do your customers.

~ Just like smells affecting people’s memory, color has a powerful effect on their behavior and how they perceive brands.

~ You want to provoke strong emotions from your followers to increase the likelihood of them sharing your content.

Facts, Facts, Facts!!

  1. Transparency Builds Trust, Trust Builds Loyalty

We all have flaws, that’s what makes us human. Transparency isn’t about gaining loyalty through deception, it’s about allowing potential customers to get to know the PEOPLE behind the brand. It builds credibility and shows your ability to be honest.

If you only broadcast how great your product or service is, people naturally question the credibility of the source. Nothing is perfect, you don’t have to be either. When you have a flaw, or your product has an imperfection, let your audience know ahead of time. It builds trust and gives you an opportunity to publicly correct your mistake or product issue.

Be open and honest about what your product or service does and DOES NOT do. When your customers ask questions either through comments or direct messages on social media, it’s an opportunity to build trust with your audience.

  1. Smiles Are Contagioussmiley faces

Whether we acknowledge it or not, all emotions are contagious.

By pulling the emotion cord, you are increasing your chances of your followers sharing your content. Remember shared content equals free reach. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! According to a report by Psychology Science, sharable content is your gateway to success.

**Emotional Tip: While any emotion provoking content produces an affect, positive content with a positive emotion produces the best affect according to the University of Pennsylvania.

Who doesn’t want to interact and share content that makes you happy? You know, like babies laughing, you can’t help but smile, then tag your friends.

Do you know anyone that can light up a room when they laugh or smile? Emojis work the same way when it comes to the brain. It also lets you bring voice to the text, such as tone.

Whether you’re just starting out on social media for your business or you’ve been at it for a while, go back through your posts and see what the tone of your posts are saying about your brand voice. If you haven’t been bringing positivity and feel-good content to your followers, you should start now. Not like right now, right now you should finish reading this blog, but now like when you’ve finished.

  1. Perception Through First Impressions Better Known as the Halo Effect

colorful drawing of a human brainThe halo effect in laymen’s terms is our perception of a person, place or thing, based on our initial impression. It related to the expression, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The overall concept we are trying to drive home, is that one single attractive quality of a brand or person can influence our judgement on anything related to that topic.

That is why celebrity endorsements can influence the perception of brands. By that celebrity being associated with the brand, the qualities they like in that person carries over to the brand they endorse.

That is why we say, influencer marketing works, it’s backed by science!

Below are ways to use the Halo effect to your company’s advantage:

  • Publicly display recognizable customers’ testimonies and thank them for being a loyal customer
  • Work with positive influencers, if possible have a celebrity endorse your brand
  • Associate with well known, super cool companies to enhance your brand image, we do this every time we welcome a new client to our team
  1. Monkey See, Monkey Do

baby monkeys - monkey see monkey do
Reciprocity – if someone does something for you, you do something for them. It’s a simple concept that yields great results.

Everyone has experienced this one. If a friend invites you to their wedding, you may feel obligated to invite them to yours.

Reciprocity is essentially the concept of social obligation. People are more likely to say yes to those they owe in one form or another.

They key isn’t to wait for someone to do something for you, it’s to be the first to give. By you beginning the transaction, you can ensure it is personalized and unexpected.

To bring this into social media marketing, use giveaways, free content and valuable resources at no cost to your followers. We gave our followers an opportunity to participate in a photo contest to win $50 and have their photos displayed in our new office. It was a fun way for our followers to interact and receive a prize in the process.

But if you are going to give away something, make sure they receive it before you ask for something in return!

  1. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (Some Word No One Can Pronounce) Which Means Frequency Illusion

Have you ever been talking to someone about something or noticed something for the first time and now it feels like it pops up everywhere you look? There are two explanations for this; Invisible spies listening to your conversations and putting what you talked about everywhere you look or… You are seeing it more because you are noticing it more.

This phenomenon comes down to two different processes. The first being selective attention, it happens when a new thing or idea is presented, unconsciously you begin to keep an eye out for it. That is why you are so surprised every time it happens.

Then there is confirmation bias. It is here to ensure you that you aren’t crazy and that this thing has gained popularity overnight.

This is a gift from the heavens for marketers. It emphasizes the importance of being anywhere and everywhere your target audience is looking. We use retargeting for this purpose. Our followers have either seen us on Facebook or come across our website. Now, it’s our time to shine, by retargeting they are seeing us everywhere now. They can’t get us out of their head.

It is a sure-fire way to increase your sales funnel.

  1. While Voice Brings Emotion, Color Modifies Behavior

Colors may be the more well-known psychological force. Colors are a powerful tool because they affect people’s behavior including how they perceive your brand.

The psychology behind colors proves they are worth the extra effort to positively impact your social media strategy.

Certain colors evoke certain things. It’s important to know what colors your brand represents and what people expect from your brand personality.

Below is a list of basic colors most brands use and the types of things we feel from those colors.

·      Mellow Yellow: a representation of youth, and intellect

·      Ruby Red: color of urgency, energy, passion, action and ambition

·      Blue Water Marketing Blue: trust security and integrity

·      Gator Green: wealth and relaxation, as well as balance and growth

·      Overbearing Orange: social communication and optimism, can also mean aggression if used with harsh content

·      Pretty in Pink: romantic, unconditional love and nurturing

·      Bold Black: a powerful, mysterious color

·      Purposeful Purple: calm, and full of imagination

5 Most Important Reasons People Share Online:

94% want to better the lives of others by providing them insightful, meaningful content.

68% want the content they share to reflect their online identity.

80% want to grow and nourish relationships through the content they share.

81% share content based on the feeling they have when others comment and engage in their shared content.

84% simply want to share with the world something they believe in.

We know this is a lot of information to take in, but we’re positive if you apply these to your campaigns, it will help. If you don’t have the time, we do. Check out our Social Media Services here for more information.

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