8 SEO & PPC Trends In 2018

What's Trending in SEO & PPC in 2018?

Google is always updating their algorithm to stop people from using black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are a variety of different techniques that people will try to use in order to boost their website to the top of Google in such a way that is basically considered spam or untrustworthy.

During Google’s Maccabees update they made it clear that they want content that is written for humans. They want backlinks from relevant sources. What they don’t want to see are pages that are stuffed full of keywords just to get ranked. You can still use keywords on each page of your website, just make sure that it sounds natural, engaging and easy to read for your audience. 

In general, paid and organic search are ever evolving in order to weed out the scams and bring people what they truly want to see when they search.

We’re going to go over 4 SEO trends and 4 PPC trends that you should be paying attention to.

Here are 4 SEO trends:

Voice Search – You know the old saying, “write how you talk”? This is becoming more true because of voice search. Voice search is on the rise and shouldn’t be ignored. In order not to be left behind with this trend, you’ll want to write some content that mirrors how people speak. Try voice search for yourself and get a feel for how YOU speak and will speak into a voice search so that you get an idea of how you might write some content geared towards voice search.

Video SEO – Video marketing in general is on the rise and if you use video then you need to be focusing on proper video SEO. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? That’s a massive audience waiting to discover your video. Make sure you have proper tags, proper headings and proper description to make sure it gets seen by the right people.

Long Form Content – Posts with 700-1,500 or more words are actually performing better than shorter form content. You don’t have to make every single post between 700-1,500 words long, but throw in some longer form content every once and a while and really add value to that content.

Images SEO – Image search lost its popularity back in the day, but it’s absolutely making a come-back. With services like Instagram and Pinterest who are devoted to images and videos, it’s no wonder that image search is returning with a vengeance. Not to mention that people love images, gifs and videos inside of blog posts and on websites. Media helps to break up written content and helps to engage the audience visually. Make sure your title, alt tag, description, captions and even file size are optimized.

Here are 4 PPC trends:

Use Automation Properly – Automation can truly help your PPC ads receive the clicks and conversions you’re after, but we need to use automation properly. Just like with anything, we can’t rely on automation to do everything for us. We can’t ‘set it and forget it’, we need to constantly be looking at it to see how it’s performing and how we can make it perform better. However, what we should do is take note of what machine learning is telling us and take heed of its advice. Identify good and bad keywords based on suggestions and run bidding rules. Using automation and accepting suggestions from machine learning will definitely be helpful for your overall success. 

Mobile Ads – Mobile is on the rise – and fast. Ads will need to start focusing their attention more towards GoogleMaps and general local ads. People are searching more on their phones then they are on their computer and your ads need to be there when they’re looking for you! Find ways for your ads to reach the mobile marketplace.

Visual Search – Visual search is gaining in popularity, but still new. More and more people are using their cameras to search for something. They can take a picture, upload it and Google will come back with a result. Get on the leading edge of this technology and make sure all relevant ads and images are being structured properly with SEO so that you can be ready when this leads into something big.

Relevant Content – People are realizing that even an ad needs to be customer-centric. What questions does your audience have and how can you answer them through Adwords to gain their attention and get the click and conversion that you’re looking for? Paid media should focus on getting new customers, just as much as getting existing. Make your ads stand out by answering your customers questions. By helping your customers up front, they’ll be more inclined to do business with you.

 Bottom line, the SEO and PPC trends that we’re seeing are truly all about the customer. Keep your eye on these trends, make any necessary adjustments and test out some ads. In the end, by offering value, answering common questions and being where the people are, your business will thrive.


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