2019 Top Web Design Updates

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Why To Update Your Business Website

Reasons You Must Update Your Web Design Regularly

Your customers and readers come to your website for information, and they expect certain things from your web design. Failing to fulfill your customer’s needs could cost you sales, subscribers, and more! As customers are more likely to find you and research your company online, instead of in-person, it is extremely important to continue with website updates year-over-year. We’ve outlined some of the top website design updates for 2019.

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Just like technology, web design frequently changes and experiences new trends. Many web design updates are based on aesthetics that have their roots in the printing industry and focus on making the space visually appealing and easy to look at and follow. Here are our top tips for updating your web design to keep your customers engaged and happy.r 

1. Mobile Friendly

Did you know most ‘web surfing’ these days occurs on mobile devices such as a tablet or phone instead of computers? Don’t miss out on customers by ignoring mobile friendly web design that resizes properly to fit phone browsers and loads quickly. 

Take extra care when performing your web design updates and place your menus to make sure they are not too long or hard to find when on mobile devices. Many pieces of web design software will allow you to test drive the design on both PC and mobile browsers. If your menu looks cramped and too big on PC, it will be worse on a mobile device.

Think about the top 3 most crucial areas of your web site and design your menus from there to keep them simple – and beware nesting too many menus in each other – this will only frustrate your mobile users and encourage them to look elsewhere!

2. Security

It might not be the first thing on your mind, but a secure website keeps you, your business, and your customers safe. Security breaches occur everywhere from on servers, to end user devices like phones. Updating your web site will keep your security up to date – which could save you from getting hacked!

Be aware: If your site’s web design is not up date it can flag firewalls and other security measures -getting you blacklisted. If your site gets blocked or black listed you will have to perform major upgrades to you web design updates, which could get costly. Instead, update your site a little at a time regularly to make sure you keep ahead of as any security threats as possible.

3. Search Engine Ranking

Search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms. This means your site and web design updates need to occur regularly to ensure it gets enough traffic. Sites these days are often rated on the quality of content, checked for originality and plagiarism, and also scanned for links that are relevant to the site content.

SEO company image for higher rankings on GoogleGetting your web site to rank may seem overwhelming but a few pieces of edited content, correctly linked pages, and regular blogs can help! Updating your web page design can help this data get structured and organized and helps you as a business owner keep your site relevant and filled with information your customers need.

For more help in getting your website ranked #1 on Google, visit our SEO page services here.

4. Web Design Layout

Web layout preferences change over time, and there are different trends each year that help attract customers. The most important aspect of a layout is that it is clean, modern looking, and easy to navigate. Grids are popular to use in web layouts for this reason.

A clean and modernized layout ensures your customer is focused, understands your product or service quickly and easily, and doesn’t have to search around until frustrated. Grids and more recently, broken grids are the best way to layout your website. Using illustrations and putting them on center stage also is a popular trend in web design. One of the easiest ways to use a grid layout is to utilize a CSS grid which will make the final design look neat clean, and uniform.

For most web design updates, layout these days is very streamlined, focused, and simple. Get rid of side bars, lengthy landing pages, and lots of different sections on your first page. Instead, opt for a clean and simple menu, high-quality images, and a few buttons to click to order pages or leave comments and questions. The simpler the better in today’s online world!

5. Fonts

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Serifs come and go, but recently fonts with serifs have grown in popularity. Make sure your fonts are easy to read but still eye-catching. One way to do this is to use different colors of fonts that contrast with your backgrounds.

Another important aspect of fonts is using different ones throughout the page. Altering fonts can make your site look unique, make certain parts of your web design stand out, and also intrigue your readers and customers. It’s not uncommon for most websites to have at least 3 different fonts throughout their pages. One of the easiest ways to incorporate new fonts is to simply use different ones for the title, menu, and content.

Update Your Web Design

Whether you have a small local business with a small group of customers, or a large international business – keeping your web site up to date with regards to its design is important! If you want customers to be aesthetically attracted to your site and pay attention to what you are selling you need to have an engaging and clean interface for them to use.

It is so crucial to make sure your layout is clean and easy to navigate so customers can find what they want quickly – it’s even more important when considering the rise of mobile devices. Also, make sure you put effort into ensuring your site is SEO searchable and able to be found. No matter how perfect your site looks or how streamlined its functions are, it won’t matter if it can’t be found in a simple online search near the top.

Updating a web site’s design can be overwhelming and require lots of planning. With the right tools and ideas, any website can be a profitable investment for business owners, whether they are selling a product or a service. Using this list you can build a stronger and better-looking web site that will impress your customers and generate revenue. Check out Social Media Today’s amazing Web Design Trends Infographic for more information.

For more information about web design, visit our web design page here or give us a call at (772) 521-5862.

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