2019 Modern Design Trends [Updated]

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2019 Modern Design Trends (Updated)

In 2019, people in the age of social media are used to seeing hundreds and thousands of posts a day each time they scroll through the internet. In order to stand out, you have to make your posts, marketing materials and web designs creative and unique. But how do you do that in 2019?

Here are some ways to differentiate yourself from everything else out there.

The question is, “What are the top design trends in 2019?” 

Here are our Top graphic design trends predictions for 2019

1. Out with the Old Design, In with the New Design:

In past years, many people and businesses would market their posts and material with things like stock images bought online, or very minimal graphics with no creativity. In this day and age, that’s not going to cut it. Thinking outside the box and keeping in touch with what is “in” is crucial to gaining people’s attention. There are many graphic design and logo design trends that can also be incorporated into UI design trends to maintain brand similarities.

2. Multiple Color Schemes:

It is common for companies to have their own color scheme that makes them very easy to recognize, but there is more to this than choosing two colors and calling it a day. Using the same color scheme over and over for everything can become boring and repetitive very quickly. To avoid this, add lots of variety. Multiple color schemes that you can use interchangeably in your designs will change the game. Use a few vibrant colors to make your content stand out.

Here is a good example of adding variety of color schemes from Venu:

color options image

3. Color Gradients:

Color Gradients: In 2019, gradients have become more popular than ever, with big companies like Instagram adopting it into their branding more and more for the past couple of years. The best and most common uses of gradients are for backgrounds. Other ways to use gradients are overlays on top of images, creating duotones on backgrounds, or using gradients on logo elements like Instagram. Ensuring that you select the correct color palettes will ensure that your gradient fits with your brand.

Big names have continued this trend as of late, notably Spotify:

4. Better Images:

Stock images have become very obnoxious. Readers are tired of seeing the same generic stock images over and over. First of all, most of them have no style, and they have been extremely overused in the past few years. The best possible thing to do is to use your own custom images. Make your content unique by building an archive of your own creative images to use. If you insist on using any kind of stock image, make it your own by adding your own effects and text to it. You could use a gradient to make the image stronger, as mentioned earlier in this post. Just make sure you’re posting content that has a creative and modern touch to it.

Here is a prime example of a social media image that is more unique and less of a stock image.

the value of video advertising image 

5. Bold Color Choices:

Perhaps one of the most popular design trends of the year, the use of bold and unconventional colors in design has taken the place of neutral and minimalist color schemes. Basically, what you may need to do to spice up your design content is to take risks in the colors you choose. That doesn’t necessarily mean to ditch your current colors, just add some new creative colors into the mix to give your brand more life. These colors may not be “traditional” in any sense, but today, that is a good thing. Older and more traditional design is going out of the window in 2019.

Even Nasa keeps up with their design trends. This poster uses a variety of unconventional colors to create an interesting piece:

6. Font Choice:

Another way to make eye-catching designs is to use a bold or handwritten font. This trend has been popping up all over the design world and is pushing away from minimalism and the “traditional” style. Bold and hand-written fonts will definitely gain more attention than older and overused fonts. Using these more creative and display-type fonts will likely make your designs pop right off of the screen. As many of these designs are very eye-catching, you want to make sure not to overload your designs so that they become obnoxious. The goal is to look at the top web design predictions for 2019 and subtly incorporate them into your business.

This magazine cover found on Behance uses a smart combination of bold and hand-written fonts to create something artistic while still getting the message across. The design process can be complicated when you don’t have clean lines as we’ve seen in the past. Ensuring that you use asymmetrical layouts is crucial in the design process.

bold text image

7. Creative GIFs:

GIFs have been a huge trend for years, but instead of using the same old reaction GIFs, you can use simple animations as GIFs to go with your posts. You can do this by simply adding an animated element to an ad or infographic. This will definitely grab more attention than a static image.

Dropbox recently rebranded themselves with a specific modern design approach, filled with creativity. 

8. Custom Illustrations:

Another way to escape from the stock image vibe is to create icons and illustrations that are hard to replicate. Based on your ability, you can choose whether or not these illustrations will be simple. I would say that simple illustrations are the wisest choice, due to the fact that you can use other elements such as color and gradients to make them interesting.

Visualistan incorporates simple but sharp custom illustrations into some of their social media images.

Overall, graphic design trends and web design trends are always changing. We are constantly tracking what some of the largest brands in the world are implementing. Now, with that being said, many large companies make the change years after the design trends have passed. Our thought process is that if we don’t test new ideas, then we’ll never know if they will work.

Many businesses need to test these designs. They will work to capture your audience on Social Media. People scrolling through their news feeds are more likely to stop when they see an eye-catching image, rather than the standard stock photo posts that most of us see today.

Get creative and have fun implementing some of these design trends that are popular in 2019.

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